Beetlejuice 2 Shows Off Michael Keaton, Jenna Ortega Ahead Of Trailer

Director Tim Burton doesn't offer much but a small bit of the plot becomes known.

beetlejuice 2 michael keaton jenna ortega

Warner Bros. shows off first look images from Beetlejuice 2 featuring Michael Keaton, Jenna Ortega and the cast ahead of what is expected to be the trailer release this week.

The pics feature Keaton back sporting the iconic look of the titular character who returns after 36 years.

The second image features Catherine O’Hara who returns as Delia, Jenna Ortega as Astrid, Winona Ryder returning as Lydia, and Justin Theroux as Rory.

Update: Watch the trailer here.

beetlejuice 2 michael keaton

What is Beetlejuice 2 about?

Not much is known about the plot, but Tim Burton reveals the sequel picks up decades later with a death in the family, hence the image with the cast all in black which looks to be at a funeral.

“That’s all I will say,” Burton told EW. “There’s something that happens that sets things in motion.”

beetlejuice 2 cast

When asked if it’s the death of Lydia’s father, Charles Deetz (Jeffrey Jones), Burton only replied with, “We’ll see.”

The official title was previously revealed to be Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (we all know what happens when it’s said a third time) and the flick gets released on on Sept. 6.

Also starring in the film includes Monica Bellucci, Arthur Conti, and Willem Dafoe.

beetlejuice 2 poster
beetlejuice 2 logo

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