Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition Leaks Online Early (Spoilers)


batman vs superman ultimate edition

It looks as if the Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition has leaked online a bit early.

Users are reporting on Reddit that they can access the Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition through the digital streaming services CinemaNow and Flickster.

Reports are stating it’s a non-HD version.

Reddit users have posted a couple of screenshots as well as some spoilers (following the images) about the new material.

The Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition goes on sale digitally June 28th and on Blu-Ray July 19th. You can order through Amazon.


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Update: A possible Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad connection cameo becomes known.

Update #2: Lex Sr. may still be alive.

Spoiler details:

The JL setup is still the email scene.

What happens after the capitol scene? Does Superman help any people wounded people?
He does. And then looks around at all the death and gets sad.

Who is Dan Amboyer playing?
He’s in it about 5 seconds. He is the drone pilot who fulfills the command to fire a drone missile on the Africa compound.
A nameless drone pilot. He’s essentially an extra.

Clark going to Gotham scene:
He doesn’t learn from him on the news (now sees the woman from Africa hearing being interviewed). After the statue is defaced he decides to go to Gotham to locate her and talk to her, but she’s not home. Then guy with lotto ticket mentions Batman. This leads him to ask Perry about doing the story like in the TC. He learns about the branding and other Batman stuff later on in a brief research scene before Perry informs him he’s been requested to cover the Library fundraiser (Perry doesn’t know who made the request, but obviously it was Lex). Later, after Lex arranges for the branded guy to get killed in prison and Clark gets the photos he goes to the Gotham PD and ends up speaking to the woman who is mother to that man’s child. She mocks his ability to do anything about Batman as a reported and says such !en only understands fists. This leads to the Batmobile meeting.

so that gotham bat news report is cut out entirely?
There are 5-6 more scenes with the woman from Africa in the UC, so likely what happened was when they cut her part down they decided to move the scene of Clark reading news reports about the Batman to him seeing a news report.

On Jena Malone:
Unless she shows up again, they never say who she is. She’s like a lab technician. Helps Lois figure out the bullet.
Metropolis lab or Gotham lab?
Daily Planet.
She’s Janet Klyburn of STAR Labs, a 70s-80s comic character.

Doomsday fight:
Not to the fight itself that I could tell. Doomsday now destroys a helicopter when he jumps up to the Lex tower, and then later destroys another helicopter by throwing part of the Lex sign at it. That’s the only changes I noticed.

Various thoughts:

The major difference is that 95% of the flow issues are resolved. From a story standpoint, the Africa scenes, Clark’s investigation into Batman, Lex’s manipulating of Clark, and Lois’ investigation leading to Lex are much clearer. But it’s essentially the same story otherwise.

So far, it’s not that different. The pacing is much better already though (I’m only like 50 minutes in). Scenes last longer, so it’s not so choppy.

It’s the same movie though, so it’s not like a radically different experience.