Aquaman 2 Post Credit Scene Leaks: Sounds Awful

Thanks to early fan screenings, it's confirmed 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' has only one post-credit scene.

Aquaman 2 Post Credit Scene Leaks: Sounds Awful

Thanks to fan screenings, the Aquaman 2 post-credit scene leaks online and it sounds awful. The DCEU is dead, why even bother?

It should also be said that Warner Bros. didn’t even have a big Red Carpet premiere for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. They also didn’t have an afterparty, and all they did have was a “small pre-reception.” Reviews also can’t be released until Thursday, which is when the flick first bows in theaters.

“And thus the DCEU ends, not with a bang but a whimper,” tweeted THR’s Borys Kit. “No red carpet premiere, no afterparty, just a small (but neat) pre-reception, a ‘fan screening,’ and only Jason Momoa and James Wan at the Grove to close out a veritable era…”

Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

What is the Aquaman 2 post-credit scene?

So should we be surprised the Aquaman 2 post-credit scene is just as underwhelming or for that matter, complete garbage?

According to the fan screening leaks, the Aquaman 2 post-credit scene shows Patrick Wilson’s Orm eating a burger. He sees a cockroach on the table, picks it up, puts it in his burger, and eats the cockroach and the burger. Apparently, the Aquaman 2 post-credit scene is supposed to come off as funny and reference a scene from earlier in the movie.

It is funny as I can’t laugh at how bad it sounds. The good news at least is now we know we don’t have to wait through the credits.

Here is the scene the Aquaman 2 post-credit scene is said to be referencing. The Rotten Tomatoes Score is now out and it’s not too good.

Read my review here.

Update: Thursday previews box office is $4.5M.

Aquaman 2 Ditches Wednesday Release Date

What about the box office?

Box office projects are just as bad. It’s hoped the flick opens this weekend to around $40 million, which is way under the 2018’s three-day weekend of nearly $70 million which went on to open to over $100 million for the long Christmas holiday weekend.

Aquaman 2 will also have competition from the second weekend of Wonka, another Warner Bros. film. Opening on Christmas day also happens to be a third film from Warner Bros. with The Color Purple.

Jason Momoa has been hinting at sticking with DC but not with Aquaman. Jason Momoa would love to play Lobo for James Gunn.

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