Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Rotten Tomatoes is In

The release marks the end of the DCEU which kicked off back in 2013 with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Rotten Tomatoes is In

Pretty much as expected and much like its projected box office, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently bombing on Rotten Tomatoes.

With the first batch of reviews hitting the net, the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 35%. Warner Bros. only allowed reviews to be posted starting Thursday, the first day of the film’s release, so that should tell you everything.

There have also been fan screenings but apparently, the Audience Score has yet to open as well. To quote Jason Momoa, “It’s not looking too good.”

Aquaman Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson

DCEU goes out with a whimper

The DCEU officially ends this weekend as Zack Snyder kicked things off with Man of Steel back in 2013. While the DCEU started off with a bang, it goes out with a whimper as suggested by that awful post-credit scene. There might be hope for Jason Momoa to return as Lobo in James Gunn’s DCU, but Momoa also recently said it’s not a done deal.

Check out what the Top Critics at Rotten Tomatoes think of Aquaman 2 below. All but five give the flick a “Rotten” review.

The Aquaman and the Lost: Kingdom is also at the bottom of the DCEU scores only beaten out by Batman vs Superman (29%) and Suicide Squad (26%). The first Aquaman comes in “Fresh” at 65%, with a 72% Audience Score.

Regarding the box office projects, they’re around $40 million, which is much lower than the first movie that opened in 2018 to a three-day weekend of nearly $70 million and went on to open to over $100 million for the long Christmas holiday weekend.

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What do the reviews say?

A hacked up mess, and that’s not just the editing, but boy is it also the editing. – The Wrap

You can tell from every second of the sequel just how disinterested DC Studios is in this film and in the future of this character. – NY Post

Rife with lazy one-liners that wouldn’t pass muster in a sitcom’s writers’ room, with gags like baby Arthur Jr. urinating in his dad’s face during a diaper change, a bit the movie loves so much it happens twice. – The Film Verdict

A Jules Verne pulp adventure juiced up on a cocktail of testosterone, adrenaline, and Guinness beer. – Inverse

As the old way sinks into oblivion, at least Wan leaves us a little damp with excitement. – San Francisco Chronicle

The movie doesn’t sink nor swim: It’s aggressively fine, floating along as a breezy-enough outing – and a brotherly one, at that – without any particularly spectacular strokes. – USA Today

It felt like entire clumps of grey matter were giving up the gig in disgust and abseiling out of my ears. – Daily Telegraph

The trouble is that Momoa’s selling point as an actor is how natural and physical he is, whereas nothing in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seems real. – BBC

“The Lost Kingdom” becomes more and more formulaic as it digs into its mythos, as if the movie were caught between being its own thing and being nothing at all. – IndieWire

Yet another reminder that cinema is locked in a corporate chokehold, robbing artists of the ability even to flail about in style anymore. – Independent

At a moment when DC Films is pivoting to a new era, which will involve rethinking its iconic characters, this vestige of the previous regime cannot help but feel like an underwhelming afterthought. – Screen International

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom struggles with a juvenile tone, a pendulous script and a cast who can’t mount the shifting sands of those challenges. Another low point for the DCEU. – HeyuGuys

This is a fun movie, but not anywhere near a great one. – RobertEbert

This is the way the DC Extended Universe ends. Not with a bang but with an Aquaman. -ScreenCrush

At the end of 124 long minutes, both film and audience are deeply immersed in something – but it isn’t seawater. – Guardian

The final chapter in the canceled Snyderverse series is brined in B-movie buoyancy. – The Messenger

The movie, with all that combat, is staged on an impressively grand scale by the returning director, James Wan, but at the same time there’s something glumly standard about it. – Variety

Even the actors seem worn out by the ridiculousness of this sequel. – THR

A franchise farewell so underwhelming, nary a tear will be shed over its passing. – The Daily Beast

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