Amber Heard Has Lots Of Aquaman 2 Screentime?

It has been claimed that Mera has been cut from the sequel but according to early fan screenings that isn't the case.

Amber Heard Has Lots Of Aquaman 2 Screentime

Those rumors have been proven correct – nope – not the ones stating Amber Heard has been cut from Aquaman 2, but the ones that claim the screentime for Mera has actually been increased.

During the Johnny Depp trial, all kinds of rumors offered that Amber Heard was cut from Aquaman 2 and the actress even said so herself during the trial. The head of WB films at the time, Walter Hamada, also said so himself and testified the reason Mera was reduced in the sequel was that Amber Heard didn’t have chemistry with Jason Momoa.

Well, it turns out, according to early fan screenings, Amber Heard has lots of Aquaman 2 screentime, at least more than thought, with fans claiming her screentime is on par with Momo’a co-star, Patrick Wilson, who returns as Orm.

Aquaman Amber Heard Mera

How much screentime?

According to rumors from last year, Warner Bros. was screen-testing a version of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom featuring more screentime for Amber Heard. The info at the time said she has about 20-25 minutes of screentime which was upped from the first reported ten minutes or so.

Users who saw the early screening do confirm Amber Heard is only in the first act. Originally, the plan was to give Amber Heard a much larger role where she would also be involved in a big battle at the end. I haven’t read the full spoilers, so no idea if Mera does indeed return at the end of the movie to help out Aquaman.

Worth a mention is that some of the info is coming from Amber Heard bots so likely she doesn’t have as much screen time as Patrick Wilson, but again, Mera hasn’t been cut from the movie as has been reported and suggested by trailers.

Update: I just got out: Amber Heard is indeed in it a lot. She’s in the first 25 minutes and then comes back at the end of the movie and has a big role.

Check out the leaks below.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom opens this weekend directed by James Wan.

Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom:

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