Advanced Review: Superior #7 (of 7)


Simon Pooni was just your average boy. Smart, outgoing, captain of the basketball team, but one day his whole world changed when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A ravaged body left him in a wheelchair, broken but not beaten. His world had been changed once already — soon it would change again!

Mark Millar gives us his all in the long awaited finale of Superior! Intense action sequences, that will rock the senses, hit you from page one. It is the undaunting barrage of earth shattering battles that will pique your interest, but it is the heart of the Simon Pooni character that will hold sway over you. A boy that has endured so much, must now make the ultimate decision — sell his immortal soul to a demon, in order to become Superior again, or watch as the world is torn asunder!

It is moving how Millar has created a character that — in every essence of his being — is a hero. He was given an average life, then it was taken away. He was given a boon to become something truly amazing, then it was taken away. Now, he has been asked to give even more of himself, so much more than even he can comprehend! The character of Simon is built from the essence of everything that is great in the world of comics. He is a nostalgic look at what came before and a glimpse of what could come again. Millar creates a pure homage to the iconic vision of Superman, while modernizing it without tarnishing it’s integrity.

It took FOREVER for this book to come out, but the wait is now over! It is a blockbuster of a finale, one that will make you think you’re watching a summer action film instead of reading a comic book! But that’s exactly what Mark Millar does on each issue he writes! He creates something that makes you ponder just how good the industry could be if half the talent — had half his talent!

As the cover says, “The gloves are finally off!” Truer words were never spoken!

“Superior” #7 provided by friend of Cosmic Book News.