Mark Millar’s Millarworld Comics Moves To Dark Horse

Entire catalog of comics as well as five new series launching in 2024.

Entire catalog of comics as well as five new series launching in 2024.

Mark Millar's Millarworld Comics Moves To Dark Horse

Big news hits the comic book world as it is announced Mark Millar’s line of Millarworld comics is moving to Dark Horse.

“HUGE news! I’m moving the entire Millarworld/ Netflix catalogue over to our friends at Dark Horse Comics. That’s over 20 franchises & 40 graphic novels plus the FIVE NEW SERIES we’re launching in 2024 and a slew of hardcover OMNIBUS EDITIONS. Stay tuned! :),” Miller tweeted.

In another tweet, he added, “We’ve got HUGE post-Big Game plans for 2024 and beyond as we make a humungous multi-year commitment to the company. Very exciting plans we can tease a little before Christmas, but all the main info released on March 21st 2024. GET EXCITED!”

Millar continued, “A big thank you to all our pals at Image Comics for a great 10 years as our publisher. We had a ball and produced some books we’re all very proud of. V Best to that whole team on behalf of the Netflix/ Millarworld crew!”

Back in 2018, Netflix purchased Millarworld and Mark Millar offered they still own Millarworld but the publishing arm has moved to Dark Horse.

“Of course,” he replied when questioned if Millarworld is still owned by Netflix. “Like Disney bought Marvel, Netflix bought Millarworld entirely.”

Another fan questioned, “You could make and publish a thing that they wouldn’t own, right?”

“No, I’m exclusive to the studio as an executive so as long as I work there I can only create Netflix exclusive stories,” said Millar.

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Big fan of Dark Horse

Forbes first made the announcement.

“Can I just say that I’ve been a Dark Horse fan since the beginning, and this has been a decades-long love affair finally consummated?” Millar said in a statement Tuesday. “I’ve loved what Mike and the team have been doing for years and so many of my friends are over there, having a great time. I really just wanted to join the party and not only haul my massive, shelf-groaning library with me, but also commit to several years of really exciting stuff in the wake of our Big Game crossover event.”

In addition to five new titles that will be released in 2024, with further announcements coming in the Spring, one of the series will be Nemesis: Rogues’ Gallery drawn by artist Valerio Giangiordano.

Dark Horse has also announced Millarwold prints will be released in 2024 including The Magic Order Volumes 1 and 2 (June 25 & August 13), Nemesis: Reloaded (July 10), Night Club Volume 1 (July 30), Wanted & Big Game Library Edition (TBD), The Ambassadors Library Edition (TBD), and The Magic Order Library Edition (TBD).

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