‘Cancel Pigs’ Trending Amid Mark Millar’s Big Upcoming Retailer Interview

The comic book community is buzzing following comic shop owner Glenn O’Leary blasting comic book writers in that viral video.

The comic book community is buzzing following comic shop owner Glenn O’Leary blasting comic book writers in that viral video.

'Cancel Pigs' Trending Amid Mark Millar's Big Upcoming Retailer Interview

“Cancel Pigs” is now trending on Twitter which comes just as comic book creator Mark Millar is set to interview comic book store retailers on Tuesday.

The comic book community has been buzzing ever since that video went viral of comic shop owner Glenn O’Leary blasting comic book writers.

“Most of these new writers don’t have the love of comics like these older writers had. All they care about is ‘how can I put myself in the book?’” said O’Leary of The Comic Book Palace out of Massachusetts.

Following the video being viewed over a million times, Mark Millar reached out and spoke with the store owner. Millar called those toxic comic pros who harassed O’Leary on Twitter “cancel pigs.”

“The response I got when I retweeted it and talked about it too, I just think people’s said enough is enough. What’s interesting is I call them cancel pigs, and it’s the people who try and take other people down, try and destroy people online,” said Millar. “You know, they all went into hiding. It was really interesting. I think there was a couple of hours where it was the usual shenanigans where they were looking to lynch someone, and then it just flipped, and everybody was like, ‘Oh no, hang on, this is actually quite shameful what they’re doing,’ and people are deleting their tweets.”

Miller added, “So all the cancel pigs all scarpered, which I thought was really fascinating.”

mark millar big game 2
‘Big Game’ by Mark Millar

Comic retailer live stream on Tuesday

Mark Millar has since announced he is going to discuss the current state of the comic book community with three of the biggest comic book retailers in the market.

“Comic retailer livestream this Tuesday night as 3 retailers with decades of experience and a broad range of interests dissect what’s happening in the comic market right now and hopefully some amazing solutions. Me hosting. Don’t miss!” tweeted Millar.

In another tweet he added, “Big livestream Tuesday night where I open some beers and go deep with 3 American retailers with decades of experience. The idea is a non-political, business based examination of where the comic industry is right now and hopefully provide helpful solutions from the guys who know!”

Tuesday morning he tweeted, “GOOD MORNING to you all on this fine Tuesday! Don’t forget we have the Retailer Roundtable on our livestream tonight, the temperature of the industry taken and some helpful solutions from our boys on the front lines. Gonna be a beaut!”

The interview can be watched on Mark Millar’s Millar Time YouTube channel when it goes live.

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