Zack Snyder On Supergirl In Man of Steel

Zack Snyder Supergirl

It recently became known that WB is developing plans for a Supergirl movie, which may or may not tie into Zack Snyder’s Superman Man of Steel film.

As I discussed in an earler article, a Supergirl prequel comic book story was released with Man of Steel, which seemed to connect to the movie when footage showed an empty pod; in addition, it seemed as if the comic teased that Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is actually Supergirl’s ship from eons ago.

So with the news of the Supergirl movie, fans went and questioned Zack Snyder on the Vero social network app.

“The open pod was something more,” Snyder teased, but didn’t go into any specifics.


It’s unclear what Zack Snyder means by “something more,” but now I’m wondering if it could either have been a different Kryptonian or maybe even Brainiac? David S. Goyer wrote Man of Steel and is behind the new Krypton SYFY TV series, which is similar in tone to Man of Steel, but is a Superman prequel (not directly related to the movie) and used Brainiac in the first season. I’m wondering if Zack Snyder had plans to use Brainiac somewhere down the line, and maybe the pod was a way to introduce the character into the DCEU as, quite possibly, it laid dormant (or a Brainiac drone as seen in Krypton)? 

In addition, previous rumors stated that Man of Steel 2 was going to feature both Supergirl and Brainiac.

Zack Snyder

We might never find out what Zack Snyder originally intended for the pod scene, but the director has been fielding fan questions on the Vero app offering tidbits of what-could-have-been about his DCEU including that Robin would have stayed dead and been replaced, that Doomsday still exists, and most recently saw Snyder tease some sort of King Doomsday and the Cyborg Knightmare battlesuit.

If anything, we are learning that Zack Snyder had a lot of plans and put a lot of thought into things.

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