Zack Snyder Reveals King Doomsday & Knightmare Cyborg

King Doomsday and Knightmare Cyborg

Zack Snyder has been treating fans on the Vero social network app with details about his previous DCEU films, and now the director offers a look at “King Doomsday” and a Knightmare Cyborg battlesuit.

Snyder posted, “At the office,” on the app, which includes a photo revealing various movie collectibles with a Batman statue, a prop helmet from 300, and the Man of Steel soundtrack on vinyl.

Snyder Office

The Doomsday sculpt looks a bit different than what was shown in Batman Vs. Superman as it seems to resemble more man than monster, and it’s less bulkier. The statue also sports a crown and a cape, though it’s unknown if Zack Snyder simply put that on for fun or if it is some sort of alternate design. Doomsday in the movie was made from the dead body of General Zod, so maybe there were plans at one time to revive Zod, as the crown and cape seems to indicate intelligence within the monster. Is it possible they weren’t even going to go with Doomsday, but use some sort of zombie version of Zod?

Regarding Doomsday, Zack Snyder did previously offer the real version is still out there.

King Doomsday

Regarding the Cyborg battlesuit, Snyder actually revealed the suit in an earlier pic (see bottom photo) along with another suit for The Flash, which was used for the Batman vs. Superman Knightmare scene, so the Cyborg battlesuit was most likely going to be a part of that scene, or who knows, maybe even in some sort of Justice League Knightmare scene? The Cyborg battlesuit is really cool, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see it onscreen.

Cyborg Battlesuit

The Flash and Cyborg battlesuits