Zachary Levi Confirms Dwayne Johnson Black Adam, Shazam, DC Issues

Blame game is being played out where The Rock went from The Brahma Bull to the scapegoat.

Blame game is being played out where The Rock went from The Brahma Bull to the scapegoat.

Zachary Levi Confirms Dwayne Johnson Black Adam, Shazam, DC Issues

Zachary Levi confirms the Dwayne Johnson article about how The Rock not only nixed the Shazam: Fury of the Gods post-credit scene but also Johnson attempting to take over DC.

Levi took a screenshot of another post and posted it to his Instagram Story and remarked, “The truth shall set you free.”

The post offers that:

  • “The Wrap confirms that in ‘SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS’ the Justice Society from ‘BLACK ADAM’ were recruiting Shazam in the post credits.
  • The Rock denied access and David F. Sandberg had to make a last minute decision to add Emilia and John.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson attempted to restructre the DCEU centering him and Henry Cavill’s Superman.
  • The Rock didn’t allow Zachary Levi to cameo in a post credit for ‘BLACK ADAM’

The Wrap posted an article that basically attacks Dwayne Johnson and blames The Rock for the failures of the Shazam! movies, Black Adam, and hurting the DC brand.

I go over the article here where I think it’s horsesh-t as Dwayne Johnson isn’t to blame for either of the Shazam! movies tanking, as that’s all on the producers – including new DC co-head Peter Safran – and even Levi himself.

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The truth is the Shazam! movies aren’t all that good

The first movie wasn’t watched by a lot of people, wasn’t popular at all, and no one asked for a sequel, so of course Shazam: Fury of the Gods isn’t going to do well at the box office, which is a goofy ass take on the characters and comics, and instead should have been released on HBO Max.

Thinking a post-credit scene or two that would have connected the two movies also fixing things is hilarious as both the Henry Cavill Superman and Gal Gadot Wonder Woman appearances didn’t do zip, so thinking Levi appearing in Black Adam or the JSA in Fury of the Gods fixing things is just pure spin and BS.

What’s going on right now is that the Hollywood trades are spinning BS in favor of Peter Safran who just produced DC’s worst movie, so the blame game is being played out where Dwayne Johnson went from being The Brahma Bull to the scapegoat and Zachary Levi is sucking it all up.

Sure, The Rock might have been playing his own game of thrones trying to take over DC and better his own brand, but Johnson isn’t the reason the Shazam! movies flopped at the box office and the sequel with critics. Let’s get real.

How about The Rock comes out and calls out Shazam! for sucking and bombing at the box office, something that HURT his brand and Black Adam? I’d love that.

Instead, when asked why things didn’t work out, Johnson said they put their best foot forward and didn’t play the blame game.

Now instead of more Black Adam, Henry Cavill back as Superman in Man of Steel 2, and down the line battling it out with The Rock – and Zack Snyder possibly returning – we have James Gunn and Peter Safran on a DCU.

Do you smell what I’m cookin’?

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