X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore Wants To Play Ghost Rider


shawn ashmore ghost rider

Though Norman Reedus happens to be a HUGE fan-favorite choice to play Ghost Rider, X-Men’s Iceman, Shawn Ashmore, says he wouldn’t mind playing the Spirit Of Vengeance as well.

IGN caught up with Shawn Ashmore who also said he would be interested in an Iceman standalone movie.

“An Iceman solo movie? If Fox would make it, I would do it,” Ashmore said. “I love that character. I love the Marvel universe… If that was even an opportunity, absolutely.”

Ashmore went on to state that Iceman probably works better as a member of the X-Men, but when asked if he would play another super hero, he mentioned Ghost Rider.

“I would love to play another super hero. If I could play another super hero – it’s so tough – Marvel-wise, some of my favorite books… I love Nightcrawler, and I love Ghost Rider. I don’t know if I would ever get a chance to play those characters, but I would love to see another take on Ghost Rider.”

Watch Shawn Ashmore talk more about Iceman and Ghost Rider in the video below.