X-Men Kitty Pryde Movie By Bendis Doubtful


An X-Men movie featuring Kitty Pryde has been said to be in development with Brian Michael Bendis writing the script, but I’m doubting the movie will see the light of day.

While yesterday saw Bendis claim he is still writing the Kitty Pryde movie, I highly doubt it will ever happen.

Update: X-Men producer confirms it’s up to Disney

Original article continues:

For one, it’s a project that has been under Fox Studios, but with the upcoming Disney-Fox deal set to go through, all of the Fox-Marvel projects are likely canceled. Rob Liefeld already confirmed the X-Force movie is canceled, which got so far as having a director. Kitty Pryde isn’t anywhere close to being ready, so if it was going to get greenlit at Fox, it definitely isn’t now.

Second, Kevin Feige will be in charge of the X-Men once the property returns to Marvel, which means the Bendis Kitty Pryde movie would need to get Feige’s approval. Why that seems to be a major hurdle is because Bendis was once a part of Ike Perlmutter’s Marvel Comics Creative Committee that interfered with Feige and the Marvel Studios movies. Things got so bad that Feige had to go above Perlmutter at Disney and get CEO Bob Iger to remove Perlmutter and the MCCC from being involved with the MCU. Perlmutter and the MCCC are blamed for problems on Avengers 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and more, and is the reason why Joss Whedon left Marvel following Age of Ultron.

Third, Bendis recently left Marvel Comics to work at DC Comics, with it said to be because the Marvel comics are no longer going the liberal route, or at least, not as strong. At the same time, it was also reported Bendis left Marvel because he was no longer involved with the Marvel movies (as Feige fired Perlmutter and the MCCC from the MCU).

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