Wonder Woman 2 Chris Pine Rumors & More

Wonder Woman 2 Chris Pine

Wonder Woman 2 is now filming with Chris Pine confirmed to return as Steve Trevor, but how does the character make his way to the year 1984?

New rumors hit the net offering the return of Chris Pine and Steve Trevor may involve more than just time travel.

According to a Twitter user, Steve Trevor returns in the year 1984 in a different body.

“Okay non-believers, here’s 2 things I heard re #WonderWoman1984 – Steve is in someone else’s body so when WW kisses him she sees ST but is actually kissing another guy,” Grace Randolph tweeted.

Another possible tidbit is that Wonder Woman can fly “by lassoing the wind,” and it’s noted “these were development ideas, could have changed.”

One more idea that looks to have been scrapped is that Wonder Woman “saves day by lassoing a radio antenna to spread the power of her lasso across the globe,” with it again noted “this was part of development so hopefully people came to their senses and scrapped that.”

Wonder Woman 1984 has a November 1, 2019 release directed by Patty Jenkins also starring Gal Gadot as the titular character, Kristen Wiig as the villain Cheetah and Pedro Pascal. 

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