Wonder Woman 1984 Drops 92% In China

Following a much less opening than the estimates, Wonder Woman 1984 is down 92% in its second weekend.


The Chinese continue to avoid Wonder Woman 1984 as if it’s the plague as the flick has dropped a whopping 92% in its second weekend in China.

Following a much less opening than the estimates, Wonder Woman 1984 is down 92% in its second weekend making only $1.55 million.

The numbers come from a Twitter user who reports on the Chinese box office, which is the second-largest box office in the world:

“WW84 is making $1.55M on its second weekend, down 92% for its $18.5M opening. Whatever the reasons behind this, Warner Bros. get hurt. And their upcoming titles in 2021 are under huge pressure,” tweeted @gavinfeng97.

What is particularly alarming is that Chinese theaters are back to normal, so the coronavirus isn’t a factor.

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 1984 box office

The first Wonder Woman also performed much better in China, finishing with a $90 million box office, but Wonder Woman 1984 will probably finish with half that in China, which it is lucky to end up at.

Regarding the U.S. box office, obviously, it is hard to determine if it’s a success, but Wonder Woman 1984 opened to better numbers than Christopher Nolan’s Tenet: $16.7 million vs. $9.3 million; however, Tenet looks to crush WW84 in terms of the foreign box office as Tenet has been more successful overseas than stateside with $66.9 million in China and over $362 million worldwide (Tenet wasn’t a good film, either).

Wonder Woman 1984 also saw its Rotten Tomatoes score plummet from 89% to 65% and its Audience Score has dropped a bit to 73%, so we see the critics and fans are in agreement.

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 3 announcement all spin

Regarding the announcement that Wonder Woman 3 is happening with Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot returning and that is supposedly “fast-tracked,” Wonder Woman 3 has no release date and could be years away, possibly 2024 at the earliest as Jenkins and Gadot are tied up with Cleopatra at Paramount and Star Wars Rogue Squadron at Disney (well, assuming they now happen following the WW84 fallout).

It seems obvious WB announced Wonder Woman 3 in an attempt to combat all the negativity surrounding WW84, and while they attempted to spin things as if it’s positive, they didn’t release updated subscriber numbers for HBO Max. Certainly, if the number of subscribers skyrocketed due to WW84, they would have announced it?

It’s my guess if Wonder Woman 1984 would have been released during normal times, that it would have had a large opening box office, but would have completely tanked in subsequent weekends, much like in China, again where the coronavirus isn’t much of a factor and which is our best indication of a “normal” box office.

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