Watch: Spider-Man Fans Message To Marvel And Sony



As a result of the hacks that saw numerous e-mails leaked from the co-head of Sony Pictures, it has become known that Sony and Marvel Studios are in talks to share the film rights to Spider-Man.

The leaks revealed that Marvel Studios would hold the creative rights, while Sony would retain marketing and distribution and be able to develop standalone Spider-Man movies set within the MCU.

The e-mails revealed further details that Marvel would want a new actor cast in the role with a new costume; that Spider-Man would appear in Captain America: Civil War; that Sony would want a new Spider-Man movie following Cap 3, and that the Russo Bros. and possibly Sam Raimi would be involved in a new Spider-Man franchise.

It’s been said Sony is holding a “Spidey Summit” next month to finalize the details.

With the news of Spider-Man possibly returning to Marvel, fans have been outspoken about their thoughts and feelings.

With mention that Marvel would want to replace Andrew Garfield, fans immediately started a petition to keep Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man, which has generated over 22,000 digital signatures.

Now the Spider-Man fan site, Seven Web Heads, has put together the following video, which is a message from Spider-Man fans to both Marvel and Sony showcasing various fans thoughts on how it should be done.

Check it out: