Watch: Batman Rebirth Crisis On Infinite Earths Fan-Trailer


batman rebirth crisis trailer Watch: Batman Rebirth Crisis On Infinite Earths Fan-Trailer

Fans of the DC Comics should really like the following fan trailer featuring footage from the various DC movies offering up what a Batman: Rebirth and Crisis On Infinite Earths movie could look like coupled with Watchmen.

Crisis on Infinite Earths was a 12-issue series back in the ’80s dealing with DC’s multiverse featuring many of the same heroes and villains from alternate universes and realities.  DC Comics recently published the highly popular Rebirth comic that also saw their multiverse tie into the Watchmen graphic novel.

With there being so many popular versions on the big screen and TV of Batman, Superman, Joker, etc., a DC Crisis movie would be truly epic. Just think, we’d be able to see Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton and Adam West as Batman; both Brandon Routh and Tom Welling could return as Superman alongside Henry Cavill, and even Lynda Carter could appear with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.  Perhaps Zack Snyder will event introduce the Monitors in the upcoming 2017 Justice League movie?

Watch the “Batman Rebirth: Crisis On Earth Trinity – Epic Fan” trailer below from the Darkmonolith Entertainment YouTube channel. And speaking of Crisis, check out the awesome Batman Vs. Batman fan trailer featuring Ben Affleck, Christian Bale and more.