Viola Davis Likely Sticking Around James Gunn’s DCU Reboot

Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter took notice to Gunn's recent post on Instagram Story where it's guessed Gunn has big plans for Amanda Waller as part of his new DC universe.

Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter took notice to Gunn's recent post on Instagram Story where it's guessed Gunn has big plans for Amanda Waller as part of his new DC universe.

Viola Davis Likely Sticking Around James Gunn's DCU Reboot

Well, it appears that Viola Davis will likely be sticking around whatever plans James Gunn has for his DCU reboot.

It’s known that James Gunn is going with a younger Superman as Henry Cavill is out, so obviously, that means some sort of reboot is taking place, where it’s guessed to be more of a soft reboot.

Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter spotted an Instagram Story post from James Gunn who is currently writing his secret new DC TV show where on Gunn’s PC shown is “Waller,” which is obviously a reference to Amanda Waller.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Gunn will keep Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in his DCU reboot, but it seems unlikely Viola Davis, an Oscar-award-winning actress, will be replaced by some other no-name actress.

It should also be said, Gunn also probably intentionally showed Waller on his screen, as Gunn knows how to work the fans and he would be most certain that fans would see the name.

Viola Davis sticking around James Gunn’s DCU also fits with rumors that Gunn has big plans for Amanda Waller. See below.

Update: Viola Davis is sticking around and has been announced on the new Waller TV series.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

What does James Gunn have planned for Viola Davis in the DCU?

It’s been said that Gunn has plans in place for some sort of Suicide Squad vs Justice League movie/storyline, said to be a political commentary involving the trial of Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis).

The story is said to mirror the present-day political climate (recall how right-wingers got Gunn fired from Disney and Marvel over controversial tweets, so no surprise there) where Amanda Waller is arrested for forming the Suicide Squad for the U.S. government.

Amanda Waller is said to be on trial for creating the Suicide Squad, and Waller would be working behind the scenes to get rid of any potential witnesses who can testify against her in court, as Waller would not only have to get rid of members of the Suicide Squad but also government officials.

According to rumors, Amanda Waller might be using the Secret Six, another team made up of DC villains, to do that, but the Secret Six are a straight-up villain team, while the Suicide Squad and Waller worked for the U.S. government.

So Davis and Waller would be Gunn’s choice as the DCU’s big bad.

It has been said prior to Gunn taking over DC, that Gunn was going to have the Waller trial storyline be more on a smaller scale, which sounds like maybe just on a TV show.

However, now that Gunn is in charge, he could be taking the storyline on a much bigger scale where he could bring in his new Justice League.

The rumors first surfaced in November where it was said James Gunn was mulling over the idea, so we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

The Amanda Waller series was previously announced, said to sort of spinoff from Peacemaker, but not be as comical as Peacemaker and set in the same universe.

John Cena also hinted he is sticking around.

James Gunn has also said announcements about his DCU plans are coming soon, so look for more whenever that event happens in the near future.

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