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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Introduces Daredevil

While missing from The Avengers: Endgame, the Man Without Fear makes his way into the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order video game as new gameplay footage reveals Daredevil. The gameplay footage shows the start of the game with the Guardians of the Galaxy encountering the Black Order where the Infinity Stones get scattered […]

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PS5 Will Be Game Changer; First Details Revealed and Rumors

Sony releases the first details for their next-gen console, which may or may not be referred to as the PlayStation 5, aka PS5. posted an interview with Sony’s Lead System Architect Mark Cerny that goes into detail including the difference between a PS4 version of the new Spider-Man video game and what an amped

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Google Stadia Cost: Rumored To Be Free

This past Tuesday saw Google announce their console-less video game system, Stadia, with everyone wondering about the cost, but according to a YouTuber, it will be free. The rumor comes from the YouTube channel TheQuartering which says they have inside sources at Google who provided info and screenshots for Stadia. “The cost, if nothing changes,

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Fortnite Hasbro Toy Fair 2019 Reveals

Check out the Hasbro Fortnite Nerf reveals at this weekend’s Toy Fair, which will be available this Spring including toy weapons based on the in-game guns and more. NERF FORTNITE TOY FAIR REVEALS 2019   The Spring 2019 NERF FORTNITE line includes:   NERF ELITE FORTNITE SP-L (HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available:

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Overwatch Hasbro Toy Fair 2019 Reveals

This weekend at Toy Fair saw Hasbro reveal a batch of new Overwatch merchandise. Check out the info and pics below: OVERWATCH TOY FAIR REVEALS 2019   The SPRING 2019 OVERWATCH line includes:   NERF MICROSHOTS OVERWATCH Blasters Series 1&2 (HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Series 1 Available Now, Series 2 Available Spring

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Justice League Dark Comes To DCU Online

Daybreak Games has revealed “Justice League Dark,” a new episode heading to DC Universe Online on March 28th. In this episode, a giant rift has opened in the sky above Gotham City, introducing ancient magic and the invasion of a massive, tentacled Daemon. Players must fight alongside familiar experts in the occult to protect Earth.

DCU Video Game News

LEGO DC Super-Villains Adds Justice League

The LEGO DC Super-Villains video game gets a DC Movie character pack upgrade with the additon of the Justice League characters including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Check out the details in the official announcement: LEGO DC Super-Villains Adds DC Movie Character Pack Playable Characters from the Justice League Movie Add to the Fun!   Burbank, Calif.

Star Wars Video Game News

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Video Game Announced

Both Disney and Electronic Arts today held investors conference calls with the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game officially announced. The Disney conference call saw CEO Bob Iger confirm that Disney would continue to license out their properties, with the EA conference call featuring Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announcing the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Machinima YouTube Gets Axed

The popular brand and YouTube channel Machinima, which had over 12 million subscribers, has gotten the axe by its parent company, Otter Media. All the videos have been made private and are no longer able to be viewed. Fans, and creators who worked on Machinima videos, were not notified and simply woke up the other

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Mortal Kombat 11 Announcements, Trailers, Screenshots

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed the first look at Mortal Kombat 11 with a showcase of crushing new gameplay, original and returning fighters, immersive story elements and innovative features that offer a more personalized experience than ever before. Livestreamed to a global audience, the experiential, community celebration featured multiple reveals, including an appearance by

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Ronda Rousey Voicing Sonya In Mortal Kombat 11

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announces that former UFC champ and WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey is voicing Sonya Blade for the upcoming release of the Mortal Kombat 11 video game. Watch the official Sonya Blade reveal trailer above. “I’ve been a lifelong Mortal Kombat fan, and Sonya Blade was the first kick-ass, female video game

Star Wars Video Game News

Star Wars Game Gets Canceled

More bad news for Star Wars as Electronic Arts has canceled a planned open-world video game that was in development since 2017. The game was originally being developed by Visceral Games as a linear action-adventure game under the codename “Ragtag,” but when Visceral Games closed its doors, Electronic Arts Vancouver took over and rebooted the

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Amazon Developing Streaming Video Game Service

With movies and TV shows already up in the cloud, it’s inevitable that video games will be joining them, as it is learned Amazon is developing their own streaming video game service. Just think: No more expensive consoles and no more running out of space, as games will be available at users’ fingertips, much like

Marvel Video Game News

New Marvel Game In Development From Second Dinner

A new Marvel mobile game is in development from a startup that two ex-Blizzard Entertainment employees founded in 2018 with Second Dinner. The genre and the name of the Marvel game are currently being kept under wraps. Second Dinner recently secured a $30 million investment from Chinese tech company NetEase (which runs Blizzard games in

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Spider-Man PS4 Gets Tobey Maguire Suit

Happy Holidays from Marvel and Insomniac Games as the latest update for the Spider-Man PS4 video game features the Tobey Maguire suit from the Sam Raimi movies. “A very special thanks to the teams at @MarvelGames and @Marvel for helping us work with @PlayStation to bring the Webbed Suit to #SpiderManPS4,” Insomniac Games tweeted. Marvel Games executive creative

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Avengers Project Update From Game Director

A lot of fans were hoping for news about the Avengers Project video game at the recent Game Awards, but instead, a new Marvel Ultimate Alliance game was announced. So fans took to social media to question the creative director and writer behind the game, Shaun Escayg, who offers a small update. “Thanks everyone for all of

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2018 Game Awards Winners

Last night saw the 2018 Game of Awards winners announced, which includes God of War taking home the Game of the Year. While Red Dead Redeption 2 was a heavy favorite for Game of the Year, it still took top honors in multiple categories. God of War Wins Game of the Year at #TheGameAwards

Marvel Video Game News

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Announced

At the game awards, Marvel announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer above and a piece of art below. Here is the info: The new game features the same kind of action-RPG gameplay that made the franchise such a hit over a decade ago. In Marvel Ultimate

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Wonder Woman Video Game Rumored

On the heels of the Superman and Justice League rumors, now a Wonder Woman video game is thought to be in development at WB Games. A user on ResetEra posted information from the Screen Actors Guild production database that offers up working title for what could be in-development WB video games. One of the names

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Justice League Rocksteady Game Rumored With Superman

A pair of rumors has hit the net offering that next DC video game from Rocksteady could either be Justice League or “Superman: World’s Finest.” A Superman video game has been rumored for literally years and it is known Rocksteady has been working on a new DC game. Superman: World’s Finest Regarding “Superman: World’s Finest,” the

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Marvel Strike Force Gets X-Men Update

Get ready, Strike agents — the Brotherhood of Mutants have arrived in MARVEL Strike Force for a brawl of mutant proportions! Bestial Super Villain Sabretooth, the unstoppable Juggernaut, and the powerful shape-shifting Mystique are now available to join your super squad, with Pyro and Magneto hot on their trail.   With razor-sharp fangs, claws, and

Fortnite Season 6 Out Now
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Fortnite Season 6 Now Out

Fornite Season 6 is now out with the latest Battle Pass also available, which introduces pets, plus those who purchased Season 5 get a tier bonus and more.  “Darkness Rises in Season 6! The more you play, the more rewards you unlock. Level up faster by completing Weekly Challenges to unlock additional rewards like progressive

Superman Video Game Pitched By God of War Director
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Superman Video Game Pitched By God of War Director

A new Superman video game has been rumored to be in development for literally years, and even Henry Cavill said he would voice the character, but so far there is nothing from the Man of Steel. The topic of no Superman video game came up at the recent PAX West 2018 where the director of

Jacksonville Madden Shooting Leaves Multiple Fatalities and Suspect Dead
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Madden Shooting Leaves Multiple Fatalities and Suspect Dead

Today at a Madden 19 tournament in downtown Jacksonville, Florida saw multiple fatalities and many wounded following a suspect going off on a mass shooting spree, reportedly after losing a game, and then proceeding to kill himself. Police and witnesses have taken to social media to describe the scene as it unfolded and after the

Metal Gear Movie: Goals, Hopes, Fears and Realities
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Metal Gear Movie: Goals, Hopes, Fears and Realities

The Metal Gear Movie Project: Goals, Hopes, Fears and Realities (Editor’s note: the art found in the article is concept art Jordan Vogt-Roberts commisioned; find more art and follow Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Twitter)   Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of several TV shows, indie films and a little project known as Kong: Skull Island (2017) is currently

LEGO DC Super-Villains Comic-Con
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LEGO DC Super-Villains Comes To Comic-Con

Chaos is coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2018, courtesy of LEGO DC Super-Villains, the first LEGO game to put players at the center of a villain-centric adventure packed with favorite locations and characters from across the DC universe. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The LEGO Group and DC Entertainment will be hosting a LEGO

DC Universe Online Teen Titans
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Teen Titans Comes To DC Universe Online

Today Daybreak Games brings to life the beloved Teen Titans story, The Judas Contract, in DC Universe Online (DCUO). DCUO’s latest episode, named Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, introduces:  New Characters! Iconic characters like Damian Wayne, Terra, Jericho, Adeline Wilson and H.I.V.E. Master will be joining the Teen Titans family. Other characters like Starfire and

Resident Evil 2 Remake Thoughts
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Resident Evil 2 Remake Thoughts

E3 2018 Quick Asides: Resident Evil 2 Remake Revisiting Familiar Survival Horror with Style   Resident Evil 2 for the PS1 was the first “survival horror” game I ever played.  I remember this experience distinctly as some friends (Allan M. and Danny K.) and I rented it and tried playing it the way we had

Fallout 76
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Fallout 76 E3 Thoughts

E3 2018 Quick Asides: Fallout 76 Radioactive Fallout from Games as Service   Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all time, having logged hundreds of hours into multiple platforms and too many player builds to count.  When Bethesda released that game back in 2008 and the sprawling open world beckoned players into