Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Woke AF?

Does the game shit all over the fans and the characters?

Does the game shit all over the fans and the characters?

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Woke AF?

Due to yesterday’s bug, all the cut scenes from the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League have leaked online, so major spoilers follow, but apparently the game is woke AF.

Rocksteady has since announced the bug has been repaired and that the game is available to play online as part of the early access; the full launch becomes available on Feb. 2.

Note: Spoilers follow.

ssktjl batman

A kick in the balls

I haven’t played the game myself and after learning the following info, I don’t plan on playing or purchasing it as the game shits on the characters and the fans.

So what happens is that, yeah the Suicide Squad kills the Justice League, we all expected that, but it’s how they go about and do it.

How’s this for a kick in the balls: Only Wonder Woman has a good death; the rest of the Justice League are made to look like a complete joke — especially Batman in which it’s the last time Kevin Conroy voices the character (update: it’s learned Conroy has two more voice performances). Isn’t the game also set within the Arkham universe? Wow.

Again, some of the fans will reply and cry that the game is titled “Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League” but then how come Wonder Woman isn’t made to look like complete shit???

Credit to the YellowFlash 2 on YouTube for putting this together and Twitter user TruePopCulture7.

wonder woman suicide squad kill justice league

Woke ass Sweet Baby consultation studio

YellowFlash points out that a consultant on Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League happens to be the woke ass Sweet Baby “narrative development and consultation studio.”

According to the website, their mission “is to tell better, more empathetic stories while diversifying and enriching the video games industry.”

Need I say more? Okay.

“We love making games, no matter the size or scope, and we’re always excited to help you tell the best story possible,” states the site.

So how to they “help you make the best story possible?” Via the site:

We believe that representation is key to connecting players and audiences, and we offer a few ways to help your team and project gain the perspective needed to make it happen. We’re part of an inclusive and knowledgeable community of diverse consultants, able to cover a wide range of cultural and sensitivity topics. Our approach leads with the creation of joy in marginalized players, and seeks to be additive rather than strictly corrective.

We do: Cultural Consultation, Sensitivity And Inclusivity Reading, Risk and Opportunities Assessment, and more.

Sweet Baby also consulted on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which explains that disaster.

ssktjl superman

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League deaths

Getting back to the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League game, check out a rundown of the deaths:

  • Green Lantern – shot in the head by Deadshot (black on black) and shown in his underwear
  • The Flash – Boomerang pisses on his body
  • Batman – shot in the face by Harley Quinn
  • Superman – killed by Wonder Woman who dies doing it (of course because she’s the hero); TruePopCulture7 told me, “The Squad kills him with the Gold Kryptonite. He just dies. Pops down on the floor like it’s nothing.”
  • Brainiac – also worth bringing up is that with Superman dead, who is supposed to kill Brainiac? And regarding killing Brainiac, I guess there are 12 Brainiacs to kill to complete the game which are a part of DLCs to be released?
  • Lex Luthor – Lex is also introduced in his Warsuit but quickly gets killed off.
  • Tim Drake – apparently Batman kills Tim
  • Updates: The opening cut scene shows Boomerang drawing a picture of himself pissing on The Flash. Also Boomerang says something to Deadshot like “aren’t you supposed to be white?”
  • A rainbow flag is featured
  • The Squad makes references to how big the Hall of Justice is (implying the Justice League is rich while they’re poor) and that there is justice for people like them but not us (Harley says that)
  • Lex’s notes offer Wonder Woman is the bestest evah while the notes look down on Green Lantern John Stewart as a know it all narc (see below)

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