‘The Marvels’ Cut George Clooney Bait-and-Switch Scene: Nova?

Details on a scene said to involve a Marvel superhero no longer being used.

Details on a scene said to involve a Marvel superhero no longer being used.

'The Marvels' Nixed George Clooney Bait Scene

It’s claimed The Marvels has nixed plans for a scene that was to involve George Clooney or Clive Owen.

With The Marvels reportedly having such a short runtime that has seen Kevin Feige cut lots of content, details on a scene that apparently was a part of the original script have been revealed but the scene is said to have been cut.

The info comes from the MyTimeToShineHello Twitter account, where the account claims either George Clooney or Clive Owen was going to be used in the first act of the movie as a big Marvel superhero where fans would think the character would be a big part of the film, but the character would die.

“The original plan for The Marvels was to cast a well known name (they were looking at Clive Owen and George Clooney) to play a big Marvel hero from the comics who we think will have a big role in the movie but then dies at the end of the first act. That was scrapped,” states the tweet.

So we see the scene would have baited the fans as the character would have been quickly killed off.

Nova 2007 #1

Who is the character?

My guess? I could see it being Richard Rider Nova.

Nova has actually been rumored to debut in Captain Marvel 2, with the rumor offering Richard Rider Nova will be trained in space by Captain Marvel under Nick Fury’s supervision.

The rumor at the time also said the Skrull queen, Veranke, would be the villain of Captain Marvel 2, and that Veranke is pretending to be Carol Danvers on Earth, leading to some sort of confrontation involving Nova’s own mission.

So what if on that mission, Nova dies?

Richard Rider Nova Marvel
Richard Rider Nova

Did the Captain Marvel 2 scripts change?

Well, I think we now know that Zawe Ashton is playing the villain of The Marvels with Dar-Benn (unless she’s a Skrull) and it seems as if they kept the Skrull invasion stuff only a part of the Secret Invasion series, so assuming the rumors are true, the scripts for Captain Marvel 2 have changed a lot.

The original plan may have been to introduce Richard Rider Nova in Captain Marvel 2 who survived the fallout from the start of Infinity War when Thanos destroyed Xandar.

However, since Feige is going with the woke MCU, Captain Marvel 2 could have been changed from a younger Nova to an older version in The Marvels and then killed him off at the start of the film.

Likely then a new woke Nova would have been introduced if they kept that Clooney or Owen scene, is my guess, but instead, they are saving that for a Disney+ series with Jared Padalecki in the Clooney or Owen role.

annihilation nova 1

Kevin Feige has been replacing MCU characters

Kevin Feige has been replacing MCU characters with the failed woke versions from the comics (Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Ironheart), where it has been rumored Feige will be using the woke Sam Alexander Nova that has failed every time in the comics.

The scene from The Marvels involving George Clooney or Clive Owen getting cut also fits with it said Jared Padalecki might be Richard Rider in Nova, where it’s my guess, Padalecki is being used to sell fans on the woke version (and might die), possibly played by Froy Gutierrez.

What is also interesting is that if Marvel had been thinking of going with George Clooney, James Gunn would likely have known, and we see Gunn cast Clooney as his Batman of choice at the retooled end of The Flash movie.

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