The Batman 2: Where’s The Script?

It's said that director Matt Reeves may not be done with the script and hasn't yet turned it in.

It's said that director Matt Reeves may not be done with the script and hasn't yet turned it in.

The Batman 2: Where's The Script?

While everybody has been focused on James Gunn’s DCU and Superman: Legacy, let’s not forget that Matt Reeves is developing The Batman 2.

Following the box office success of The Batman, Warner Bros. announced the sequel in April of 2022 at CinemaCon.

In January with the big announcement about the Gunn Verse, Warner Bros. also announced The Batman Part II would be released on October 3, 2025.

Longtime Batman producer Michael Uslan also said in March that filming was supposed to start in November, but of course, the strikes happened.

So during the strikes in August, it was then claimed that filming was supposed to start in March.

However, in September, it was learned The Batman 2 script hadn’t been finished. Variety said following the writers strike ending that “Warner Bros. would dearly love to see Matt Reeves hunched over his computer, diving back into Gotham’s underworld with his planned The Batman sequel.”

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Matt Reeves hasn’t turned in the script

Now we get an update thanks to John Rocha via The Hot Mic who says he heard The Batman 2 script isn’t finished.

“Although I’m hearing they haven’t turned in the script yet for Batman 2,” said Rocha. “So they’re probably still working on it.”

Jeff Sneider chimed in, “What is the deal?! Why haven’t we heard anything about Batman 2, guys?!

“I don’t know,” said Rocha.

Update: James Gunn confirms on Threads: “I heard a pitch. No script yet,” he answered in response to a fan questioning, “What about The Batman 2? Have you read any drafts or heard of any developments?”

Update #2: A fan also questioned Gunn, “Why isn’t [director Matt] Reeves’ The Batman allowed to exist within the new DCU?”

“It’s not an ‘allowed’ thing,” Gunn responded. “It’s Matt’s choice, and we respect that.”

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Matt Reeves is a busy guy

Matt Reeves happens to be a busy guy as it’s also known that Reeves is developing The Penguin TV series starring Colin Farrell which just released new footage. There is also the Batman: Caped Crusader animated series that recently moved to Amazon Prime Video, in which Reeves is involved as an executive producer.

According to IMDb, Reeves is also producing an untitled Cloverfield sequel, Mouse Guard, God’s Country, the untitled Sputnik remake, Way Station, Button Man: The Killing Game, and Lift.

Rumors offer The Batman 2 will feature Clayface, that Riddler and Penguin are returning in an Arkham story, and even the Dick Grayson Robin will be in the sequel. Robert Pattinson is also said to be back in the role. The Batman is also now available to watch on Netflix and will be available on Tubi in 2024.

Reeves’ latest social media posts saw the director remember André Braugher who passed on Wednesday.

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