‘The Acolyte’ Rotten Tomatoes Drops To New Low: 13%

Fans continue to voice their disapproval with Disney and Lucasfilm. The IMDb rating also is at a low.

the acolyte rotten tomatoes low

The Acolyte Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score drops to a new low following the release of Episode 4 with 13%.

the acolyte rotten tomatoes score 13 1

As of a week ago, the score was at 14% prior to the release of Episode 4, but we see fans continue to be disappointed with the Disney and Lucasfilm Star Wars series.

Likewise, the IMDb rating is at a new low, from last week’s 3.5 to 3.3 following the fourth episode.

the acolyte imdb rating 33
kelnacca the acolyte star wars

The latest episode features pronouns existing in a galaxy far, far away, questionable writing with the antagonist changing sides out of nowhere, a fan-favorite character’s history has been altered in a move that makes no sense, and another highly-anticipated character has been proven useless and killed off.

In short, what is going on with The Acolyte is that Disney puts the agenda ahead of story; what matters is diversity and sending the message, and what doesn’t matter is quality story (and the fans and George Lucas).

star wars the acolyte

I further expand upon things in my reviews:

A news outlet also quoted my reviews in an article.

the acolyte rebecca henderson

The blame game also continues to be applied to fans, as fans that don’t like the show are getting harassed on social media and called all kinds of names.

As I went over prior to the release of the show, the fans are being blamed for the failure of The Acolyte, not those in charge and the creatives responsible for ruining Star Wars.

Worth a mention is that the Rotten Tomatoes Score and IMDb ratings follow the star of the series, Amandla Stenberg, releasing a rage-twerking video in response to fans and reportedly is filing copyright takedown notices on YouTube to fan reactions.

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