‘The Acolyte’ Views Underperform On Disney+; Falls Short Of ‘Ahsoka’

The new Star Wars series doesn't zoom past much as it didn't sustain viewership over the weekend.

the acolyte views underperforms disney plus ahsoka

It’s learned the new Star Wars series, The Acolyte, underperforms on Disney+ and falls short of Ahsoka by a large number of views.

Following Disney reporting the first two episodes scored 4.8 million views in the first day, Disney has now released the five-day numbers.

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Through five days, The Acolyte has 11.1 million views.

The numbers is nearly 3 million views short of Ahsoka, which brought in 14 million views in its first five days.

Ahsoka also cost reportedly around $100 million to make while The Acolyte‘s budget ballooned to $180 million.

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In its reporting about the first two episode numbers, Deadline noted, “The Acolyte is on track to zoom right past” Ahsoka‘s 14 million views.

The site said The Acolyte would “need to sustain similar viewership over the weekend in order to do so” — but per Disney we see The Acolyte failed to reach similar numbers as Ahsoka, which means The Acolyte didn’t sustain similar viewership over the weekend.

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In its reporting, Disney also noted The Acolyte is biggest series premiere on Disney+ this year (what has been released this year???), which means it didn’t beat anything released on Disney+ last year or the preceding years.

Last year also saw Percy Jackson score 13.3 million views in 6 days.

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Likewise, since The Acolyte didn’t beat Ahsoka, we can also assume The Acolyte didn’t beat The Mandalorian.

We’ll know more about the ratings in the coming weeks when we get the Nielsen numbers, and if Samba TV ever releases numbers for The Acolyte, assuming Disney didn’t again tell them not to.

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In my previous article about the viewership I questioned if The Acolyte viewership would continue to rise or are there only a small number of Star Wars fans watching? I think we are starting to get the answer.

You can read my review here where I offer the first two episodes are not impressive at all.

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