Watch: ‘The Acolyte’ Star Amandla Stenberg Rage-Twerks Against Right-Wingers In Music Video

The Star Wars actress releases a video responding to a video that went viral and how she is oppressed.

amandla stenberg rage twerks music video

This is pretty hilarious as star of The Acolyte, Amanda Stenberg, releases a music video on her social media where she rage-twerks against the right-wingers.

So what happened is that some right-wing meme account on X took footage from 2018 where Stenberg is being interviewed about her movie, The Hate U Give, and said it was about her talking about Star Wars.

Well, apparently, whatever the movie is about made audiences cry as they watched it.

hate u give amandla stenberg

So while talking with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show back then, Noah remarked he saw people cry in the cinema. Amanda Stenberg then remarked, “We have a lot of white people crying, which is great. I’ve never seen so many white people crying before.”

Noah then asked her how would she measure the success “beyond the white people crying,” and she laughed and responded, “White people crying was actually the goal!”

The right-wing meme accounts on X took the footage of Amanda Stenberg stating, “White people crying was actually the goal!” and made it sound as if she was talking about The Acolyte and Star Wars, which obviously she wasn’t.

So following the meme account posting the video, other X users picked up on it, didn’t bother checking if it was legit, and ran with it, which went viral for a time.

acolyte poster 1

Worth a mention is that yours truly discovered what was really happening.

I’ve said this before when right-wingers post fake news, you need to do a better job otherwise you look as bad as the lefties you claim to dislike.

Now Amandla Stenberg has fuel to make you look like fools.

“Happy Juneteenth,” she posted. “And to those who are flooding me with intolerable racism—since it took me 72 hours on my laptop to make this song and video, u got 72 hours to respond. And I expect choreo!!”

That said, Amandla Stenberg’s music video is pure cringe and she pretends to come off like she’s oppressed.

“They splice lines, make hate they recognize, make it look like the same propaganda they spew cuz they conflate our pain with violence and try to weaponize everything that we do,” Stenberg sings. “The desperation of oppressors is rising and now they holding onto any ol thing they can use. If you reply on misinformation, then that tells me you afraid of the truth.”

She also sings, “They spinning WOKE, bastardize it and appropriate it. Last I recall, WOKE was something we created. Speak truth to power. Keep an eye out for you silly racists and now they use it to describe anything they threatened by.”

Dafne Keen also chimes in on the comments, “Wokelyte unite!!”

Check out the video below.

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