SyFy’s Merlin (Season Finale), Being Human and Lost Girl Previews For Mar 30th and Apr 2nd


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1142:]]SyFy sent over preview sneak peeks at episodes of Merlin, Being Human and Lost Girl.

I watched last week’s episode of Merlin and it was pretty darn good! I’ve never been into the show that much, but I found the episode absolutely enthralling!

Can’t wait for the season finale.


In the season finale of Merlin, we see Arthur and his men in the forest, escaping defeat my Morgana’s army. Merlin advises the men to continue on without him as he uses magic to cover his tracks but summons the Great Dragon instead. Tune in to season finale this Friday at 10/9c!
In Lost Girl, Saskia unexpectedly drops by to see Bo and tries to convince her to a night on the town but Bo declines. Watch the sneak peek as tensions heat up when Saskia doesn’t quite know when to quit.
In Being Human, Josh asks Sally what he should do about the secret he’s holding from Julia. Could Josh’s wolf horrifically destroy the thing he loves most? Catch the sneak peek and tune in to the all new episode this Monday to find out if Josh can make things right.
Merlin – Airs – Friday, March 30th @ 10/9c on Syfy
”˜The Sword in the Stone – Part 2’ – Sneak Peek

Being Human – Airs – Monday, April 2nd @ 9/8c
“Partial Eclipse Of The Heart”– Sneak Peek 

Lost Girl – Airs – Monday, April 2nd @ 10/9c
”˜(Dis) Members Only’ – Sneak Peek