SYFY’s Face Off Season Finale Airs Tonight; Previous Winner Talks Hunger Games


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:893:]]The season finale of SyFy’s popular reality special effects and makeup show, Face Off, airs tonight, and season three has already been green lit.

One of the contestant’s will win $100,000, makeup for a year from Alcone (valued at $25,000), a “grand prize that will launch a career,” and a brand new 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Last year’s winner, Conor McCullagh, went on to work on the upcoming movie, Hunger Games.

In a conference call with the SyFy channel, McCullagh offered the following:

Hunger Games was not a prosthetic heavy film. Most of it was beauty makeup, and they’re in the woods most of the time. Just a lot of dirt and grime and so on. But the shoot was not easy. It was – we were shooting in the mountains of North Carolina in the summertime, and it was just hot and humid the entire shoot. And when we got back down to Charlotte for the last month it was even hotter. So it was kind of a difficult shoot in that respect.”

“There were a couple of things I had to do in the Hunger Games which were completely new to me. There’s – and it’s in the book where the character Peeta is – he’s wounded and he ends up blending himself to his surroundings to hide from his opponents. And that became kind of – I was kind of placed in charge of that where we literally took Josh Hutcherson and blended him into these rocks without any actual prosthetics because he had to be pulled out, and he had to look like he did everything with organic materials. So I actually blended him into the rocks with a combination of a water based clay and airbrush makeup.”

Hunger Games debuts March 23rd.

And here is a preview for tonight’s season finale of Face Off.


The season finale of Face Off premieres next week and the three remaining contestants are allowed to select three former contestants to join them in the final competition. Catch the all-new sneak peek and tune is as Rayce, Ian and RJ compete to be crowned the king of makeup magic!

Face Off – Airs – Wednesday, March 14th @ 10/9c
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