Sydney Sweeney Rumored For Star Wars

From 'Madame Web' to Lucasfilm? It's claimed the actress is wanted for a Jedi role.

sydney sweeney star wars jedi

It’s claimed that Sydney Sweeney could be joining a galaxy far, far away as it’s said Lucasfilm is eying the actress to play a Jedi in an upcoming Star Wars project.

Sydney Sweeney is currently one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, coming off the rom-com Anyone But You which also stars Glen Powell, Hollywood’s current A-list top guy.

She also starred in Madame Web, which majorly bombed, a female centered superhero movie, and her new horror movie, Immaculate, also tanked at the box office, both of which she was involved with before her new found stardom in Anyone But You.

Sydney Sweeney also stars in HBO’s popular series, Euphoria, and her upcoming projects include Ron Howard’s Eden, the Christy Martin Biopic (plays a female boxer, and Sweeney has been training in MMA since she was 12 years old), and Echo Valley.

Regarding Sydney Sweeney and Star Wars, the rumor comes via MyTimeToShineHello. It probably should be said the scooper isn’t what it once was as Marvel shut down scooper CanWeGetSomeToast who I am guessing provided MyTimeToShineHello all their info, so take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Following how bad Madame Web bombed, and assuming what Star Wars project Sydney Sweeney would be playing a Jedi in would also be female-centric, I’m doubting Sydney Sweeney would join Star Wars. She doesn’t come off as an “Amandla Stenberg.”

That said, Lucasfilm has the Daisy Ridley Star Wars movie in the works and Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian & Grogu, so who knows.

Much like Marvel, Star Wars isn’t what it used to be and joining projects from these universes is now laughed at by most fans.

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