Marvel Targets Scooper CanWeGetSomeToast Over Captain America Leak

Kevin Feige's snipers are targeting the scooper for leaking an unreleased image from 'Brave New World.'

marvel targeting canwegettost captain america leak

Marvel Studios has had enough of scooper “CanWeGetSomeToast” following a leaked image from Captain America: Brave New World.

Apparently, the scooper posted an unreleased image from the flick on Instagram Story which saw the alarm bells go off at Marvel.

Marvel has now filed a DMCA request with Meta to get the identity of CanWeGetSomeToast through its intellectual property holding firm, MVL Film Finance, via Matthew Slatoff, Vice President, Global Security & Content Protection at Marvel Studios.

“MVL has submitted a sworn declaration confirming that the purpose for which the proposed subpoena is sought is to obtain the identity of the alleged infringer,” says the first document filed in California courts.

The second attached document lists the alleged infringement: “…to identify an alleged infringer (or infringers) using the handle @canwegetsometoast, who published a copyrighted image from an upcoming Marvel Studios motion picture Captain America: Brave New World, without authorization.”

The image in question isn’t known, and I haven’t seen it online.

The doc reveals that a senior paralegal at Walt Disney discovered the alleged infringement (so that sounds as if Marvel had eyes on CanWeGetSomeToast, possibly for a while as the scooper has been leaking vast amounts of information for quite some time).

Torrent Freak first reported on the legal matter and you can read doc #1 and doc #2.

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Who is CanWeGetSomeToast?

The identify of CanWeGetSomeToast isn’t known, and since the handle has a blue checkmark on Twitter and gets paid from subscribers on Instagram, that must mean the account has a real name or business attached, which isn’t the smartest thing to do if you are leaking real images and such.

My first impression when CanWeGetSomeToast and MyTimeToShineHello (likely run by the same people as they are playing “good cop / bad cop” with fans) came about is that they are run by a professional social media PR company likely at the request of Disney or Marvel.

It’s my thought Disney and Marvel created them to keep engagement surrounding Marvel high on social media, as the MCU has been at an all-time low.

I’ve also thought the accounts could be backed by Ike Perlmutter or even Victoria Alonso, as both arguably have grudges with Disney/Marvel and/or Kevin Feige. So why not get back at Marvel by leaking everything? However, would they bother to stoop that low or would they even care? Or what could be happening is possibly disgruntled employees (VFX?) at Marvel are leaking info.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if MVL Film Finance found out the identity of CanWeGetSomeToast is Disney themselves or a Disney/Marvel backed PR company? Or how about if this this is all smoke and mirrors to give CanWeGetSomeToast credibility and increase engagement even further (after all, Brave New World is some sort of paranoid conspiracy thriller)?

captain america 4 anthony mackie

Something else I’ll throw out there: So I asked my insiders about CanWeGetSomeToast and MyTimeToShineHello and they said it could have to do with Disney wanting to sell (Apple is the rumor). So what could be going in is that CanWeGetSomeToast and MyTimeToShineHello are both keeping the Marvel brand tending on social media to make Marvel look good.

Guess we’ll have some sort of idea what is going on if the accounts end up getting shut down, but so far, the DMCA requests from Marvel haven’t stopped them.

The latest from CanWeGetSomeToast is about a Galactus rumor in Fantastic Four who is coming to Earth to get Franklin Richards, and MyTimeToShineHello posted a scoop about Star Trek, and said Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will be in Secret Wars.

When it comes down to it, only the hard core fans are really following all the leaks and such. It’s not a lot of people.

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