James Gunn F’ Bombs Green Lantern, Praises The Avengers

James Gunn F' Bombs Green Lantern, Praises The Avengers

Filmmaker James Gunn, who premiered his low-budget anti-hero movie, Super, at SXSW, is holding no punches when it comes to Warner Bros.

Gunn was quite explicit when describing big budget movies from the major movie studios.

In regards to Warner Bros. (Green Lantern, Superman, Batman), Gunn said the following:

“Warner Bros. is obviously f—ing up,” Gunn grunted as he pushed his lunch aside. “They don’t know how to make a good superhero movie unless Christopher Nolan is involved to save their lives.”

While Gunn didn’t say this specifically toward Green Lantern, with Christopher Nolan’s name not being a part of this as it is with The Dark Knight Rises and Superman, and in addition to insiders stating Green Lantern is not good, you can’t help but think James Gunn is talking about the movie starring Ryan Reynolds — as well as the other Batman related movies Nolan wasn’t part of.

What about on the other side of the street?

Well, Gunn had better things to say about Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon’s The Avengers:

“Everybody I know who’s read it says it’s by far the best script for a Marvel movie eve. I’m very, very excited about it. Nobody loves superheroes more than Joss. He’s really got his heart in the right place.”

Gunn’s own superhero flick, Super, is in theaters on April 1st and sees Rainn Wilson (The Office) play an everyday guy that transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills. Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, and Kevin Bacon also star.

“From the beginning, I saw the script as an arthouse/grindhouse film,” said Gunn.

Wilson also described Super as a “f—ed-up, low-rent Watchmen.”

Sounds cool!

Here is the trailer for Super:

Source: Wired.