Green Lantern Movie: A Troubled Flop – According To Insiders?

Green Lantern Movie: A Troubled Flop - According To Insiders?

NY Magazine’s Vulture blog released one of their “Star Market” spotlights, this time featuring Green Lantern Movie actress Blake Lively who is playing Carol Ferris, opposite Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.

Some interesting comments surfaced in regards to the Green Lantern Movie from “one manager” and an “agent” (bold my own):

And both are also quick to say that should the forthcoming Green Lantern flop (and it’s been a troubled production), it won’t hurt Lively much. Says the manager, “Whatever the mistakes were with Green Lantern, she needs to not react to them and do an indie movie just because a big superhero movie didn’t work. It’s always about the role and the director. The hotter the person, the easier it is, and she’s very hot right now.” The agent adds, “Even though Green Lantern is supposed to be terrible, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to do extremely well and enhance her foreign value. Clash of the Titans was horrendous, but it didn’t slow down Sam Worthington any.”

To be honest, I have heard from a “friend of a friend” working on the Green Lantern Movie similar remarks, though that was in regards to early shootings.

Keep in mind, this is just considered gossip and rumor.

Thanks to the Green Lantern Corps boards for pointing this one out.

The movie opens on June 17, 2011, directed by Martin Campbell.

(Via Vulture)