Superheroes Have Gone ‘Sexless’ and ‘Don’t Have Genitalia’ Says Director Richard Linklater

'Hollywood started feeding this new generation characters that were sexless.'

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Echoing exactly as I have said, director Director Richard Linklater blasts Hollywood and particularly superheroes for going “sexless” where he goes so far as to say they “don’t have genitalia.”

As I pointed out last year in my article Where Is The Testosterone? The Marvels Box Office Projections Plummet, I pointed out that in the movie there are no boyfriends or romance.

Earlier in the MCU, Captain America had Peggy Carter, Iron Man had Pepper Potts, Thor had Jane Foster. Carol Danvers? They cut a pedophilia joke from The Marvels about 15-year-old Kamala Khan – which goes to show what those people in charge are thinking – and they released it as a deleted scene, further going to show you how f’d up these people are.

Or how about Sony’s Madame Web? The film features four sexy actresses including Sydney Sweeney, but true to Linklater’s words, they are sexless in the movie (ironically, they all dressed super sexy at the premiere, and Brie Larson sexed it up on social media prior to the release of The Marvels).

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“Sex and violence is what cinema is great at”

Regarding Richard Linklater, he recently directed Hit Man at Netflix, where via Deadline he calls the movie, starring Glen Powell and Adria Arjona, a “sexy crime thriller meets screwball comedy” and says the plot is about how Arjanoa’s character, Maddy, is the “the one he will risk everything for, just to sleep with her.”

Linklater told The Times of London, “Sex and violence is what cinema is great at. Sex was always the great seller.”

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“Hollywood started feeding this new generation characters that were sexless”

He continued with talk of Hollywood and superheroes.

“I don’t know why they backed off from that. Hollywood started feeding this new generation characters that were sexless. Superheroes don’t have sex. They don’t have genitalia, frankly,” he said.

Linklater added about Hit Man about Glen Powell and Adria Arjona’s characters, “She’s got to be the one that he will risk everything he’s worked for, and everything he owns, just to sleep with her. Sex is the thing that drives people to do all kinds of crazy things. Most fights, most male aggression, is sexual. So it’s like, ‘OK, we’re not kidding around. They’re going to be actually f**king, and enjoying it.’”

The Marvels and Madame Web are two of the worst performing superhero movies of all time and have lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

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