Suicide Squad 2 In Development


suicide squad 2

It's confirmed Suicide Squad 2 is in development.

In THR's report on the new Gotham City Sirens movie, it's reported WB is developing the sequel to Suicide Squad.

No other details are known about Suicide Squad 2, but it's a fair guess to assume the cast will be returning, which includes Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn who will star in the new Gotham City Sirens all-female villain DCEU movie. A rumor a while back did state David Ayer will be directing the sequel to Suicide Squad

The report also mentions Will Smith and Deadshot will be getting their own Suicide Squad spinoff.

Suicide Squad netted around $325 million in the U.S, with another $420 million worldwide, for a grand total of $745.6 million, and the film didn't even get to open in China, the second biggest market in the world (due to Suicide Squad's use of ghosts/witches, which is banned in China). Suicide Squad is also the #13 best performing superhero movie of all time and the fourth best DC movie of all time.

Today also sees the release of the Suicide Squad Blu-Ray.

No release date has been announced for Suicide Squad 2 as of yet.