Gotham City Sirens Announced With Margot Robbie & David Ayer


gotham city sirens movie

Following the blockbuster Suicide Squad movie, WB announces a spinoff with Gotham City Sirens.

THR reports Gotham City Sirens will be directed and produced by Suicide Squad's David Ayer with Margot Robbie executive producing and starring as Harley Quinn.

Gotham City Sirens will be an all-female DC villain movie written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who also has penned the scripts for the Tomb Raider remake and WB's Sherlock Holmes 3.

Both Geoff Johns and John Berg, the co-runners of the DC films, are involved in producer roles as well.

It's further reported the sequel to Suicide Squad is in development in addition to a Deadshot spinoff movie starring Will Smith.

Gotham City Sirens has been fast-tracked in part due to the positive universal reception Margot Robbie received for her Harley Quinn portrayal in Suicide Squad, which went on to net $745.6 million worldwide.

It's unknown what other female characters might appear in the Gotham City Sirens movie, but the recent comic book featured Harley Quinn with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. 

The release date for Gotham City Sirens is to be announced.