Star Wars Spinoffs On Hold At Disney

Star Wars Spinoffs On Hold At Disney

Following the disaster known as Han Solo, it’s rumored the first fallout comes in the form of any additional Star Wars spinoffs being placed on hold.

According to Collider, sources familiar with the matter are stating Disney LucasFilm has decided to place any plans for new spinoffs on hold and instead focus their attention on Star Wars: Episode IX and the next trilogy that follows.

It’s said the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie that has been in development has been placed on the backburner as those who were working on the film are no longer involved.

James Mangold was also supposed to be writing and directing a Boba Fett spinoff movie, but it’s noted that was planned prior to the release of Han Solo, so it sounds as if Boba Fett isn’t happening as well.

The box office for Han Solo is at a current dismal $342 million, which is a horrendous return considering the three previous Star Wars movie all surpassed a billion dollars.

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Various reasons have been given why Han Solo did so poorly, with the current spin being that it was released in May and not in December, and that it was too close to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but the same doesn’t hold true for Marvel movies that are released close to each other; so I’m not buying into that.

More than likely the reason Han Solo didn’t perform that well is due to multiple reasons, with the biggest, at least IMO, being Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which was a spit in the face to all the Star War fans. A Wall St. exec also blamed the marketing behind Han Solo, which I think is correct, as Han Solo wasn’t marketed as a “must see” movie, and there was basically no buzz (I still have yet to see it).

Han Solo also has a Rotten Tomatoes score that is on par with the George Lucas sequels.

The delay or cancellation of the Star Wars spinoffs could be the first of changes at LucasFilm as it’s also rumored that Star Wars is a mess at Disney and Kathleen Kennedy may be exiting

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