Video: Star Wars News Reaction and Thoughts

Video: Star Wars News Reaction and Thoughts

Below you can check out a video I posted to our YouTube channel and Facebook page going over the recent Star Wars news, which includes Kathleen Kennedy getting her contract renewed for three years.

I touch upon Disney CEO Bob Iger recently letting it be known that new Star Wars movies are on hold, and offer a comparison: What would happen if Marvel Studios announced they are not doing new movies for three years?

I also dive into the box office performance of the Star Wars movies from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi to Han Solo and touch upon toy sales.

Admittedly, I do go on a bit of a rant and even bring what Zack Snyder did with the DCEU and particularly Superman into the conversation, and I also talk about rumors surrounding LucasFilm and an Episode IX rumor about Luke Skywalker. 

Regarding the recent news of Kathleen Kennedy, this past Friday saw it announced that her contract had been renewed through 2021, with it said Disney will be focusing on their upcoming Star Wars TV shows, which includes the Jon Favreau Star Wars TV series for the Disney Play streaming app, and the new animated series.

Presently, Disney only has Episode IX in active development, which hits December 2019, but Iger did mention that the Game of Thrones creators’ project is in development. Iger did fail to mention anything about the new Rian Johnson trilogy, but a report stated it now only has the potential to happen.

If you like what you see above (or don’t, I suppose), I’ve been posting various videos on our YouTube channel, which ranges from a Captain Marvel trailer explanation video, to Guardians of the Galaxy 3 still happening, to the Joaquin Phoenix Joker reveal to Michael B. Jordan eyed as the new Superman.

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