Star Wars: Daisy Ridley ‘New Jedi Order’ Canceled By Bob Iger (Rumor)

Three separate sources are claiming 'New Jedi Order' is in big trouble.

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Is it three strikes and you’re out?!

Three separate sources are claiming that the Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Star Wars: New Jedi Order movie starring Daisy Ridley has been canceled.

Hollywood writer and producer Kamran Pasha first claimed it wasn’t happening last year; however, Pasha also said The Acolyte wouldn’t see the light of day but the series gets released next month. The Acolyte already filmed and cost nearly $200 million to make, so I am guessing it wasn’t shelved because it was already completed and it’s Kathleen Kennedy’s pet project.

Regarding the rumors surrounding Star Wars: New Jedi Order, they surfaced following Daisy Ridley stating multiple times in interviews that she hasn’t read the script.

Now according to World of Reel and Empire City Box Office on Twitter, it’s said either Star Wars: New Jedi Order has been killed off completely or it will be vastly different once it does get released.

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What does World of Reel say?

According to World of Reel, sources filled them in this past January that the flick was delayed and that Disney CEO Bob Iger had put the pause on the project (Iger has confirmed numerous times Disney is pulling back on both Star Wars and Marvel). At the time, the site said there wouldn’t be much movement surrounding the film and that there were “creative bumps down the road.”

Those creative bumps are said to include that Steven Knight did write a draft of the script but was given so many notes by Lucasfilm that he had to start over from scratch.

It’s said Steven Knight has gotten frustrated with the process and is considering bailing on the project. It’s further said Steven Knight has but Star Wars: New Jedi Order on the backburner in favor of writing his Peaky Blinders movie which is supposed to start filming in the fall.

Fast forward five months from their original report, and per Daisy Ridley, there is still no script.

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What does Empire City Box Office say?

Empire City Box Office goes one step further and says Star Wars: New Jedi Order has been killed off by Bob Iger.

“I keep hearing that one of the projects that Bob Iger and Disney mentioned this week that they have quietly killed off but haven’t made public is in fact the REY Star Wars movie,” tweeted the account in March. “They haven’t even told Daisy Ridley. This is rumor for now, but makes logical sense.”

The account continues, “Again, it might happen and this could be wrong, but logically I can’t see Disney going 5+ years without a Star Wars movie and then suddenly filming 2 almost simultaneously this year, and one of them being a sequel to a trilogy that ended with terrible backlash and talent and a storyline that is bound to be even more divisive than ever.”

The account added, “Lead actress hasn’t seen a script, director hasn’t seen a script, it is the middle of March and supposedly going to roll camera in the Fall? I don’t buy it for now, they would be in heavy pre-production by now.”

World of Reel chimes in on Empire City’s Box Office tweets, and while they don’t necessarily believe New Jedi Order has been outright canceled, they say “it might be a very different movie” by the time the flick sees production, whenever that is. The site also points out over a half dozen Star Wars projects under Kathleen Kennedy have been shelved.

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