Spider-Man May Be Sticking Around MCU After Homecoming Sequels


spider man mcu

Back in March saw Sony producer Amy Pascal let it be known that following the sequels to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man would be back with Sony and seemingly out of the MCU.

Now it’s learned that Sony and Marvel’s deal may possibly be extended.

In an article up at THR it’s noted that Tom Holland is contractually obligated to appear in two more Marvel Spider-Man movies, with it intended to bring him and Spider-Man also into the Sony Spiderverse films (presently Venom and Silver and Black), with it further reported there are possibly plans for more Marvel movies in addition to The Avengers: Infinity War.

As I previously mentioned, basically what’s going on with Spider-Man is that he will be featured in two different cinematic universes, which basically won’t be referencing each other with Sony’s Spiderverse and Marvel’s MCU. It’s sort of similar to how the MCU ignores what goes on with Marvel TV. They coexist, but at the same time, really don’t.

It definitely makes sense for Sony and Marvel to continue their deal as both benefit. Sony gets Marvel’s creative input and retains the film and character rights, which sees a good movie getting made, and Marvel scores by having Spider-Man in some of their other movies as well as merchandise profits.   

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