First Look At Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home first look

We have a first look at Spider-Man: Far From Home as filming has started in London with Tom Holland!

Twitter user cometbarbara posted set video and pics that her mom’s friend (thanks, mom!) took featuring what looks to be some sort of outside apartment scene involving Peter Parker.

Tom Holland  appears to be doing sort of jump, possibly signifying Peter returning to his NYC apartment, or as the movie is filming in London and said to take place in part in the UK, his London place of stay.

Check it out:  

Recent details made known about Spider-Man: Far From Home include that it will not feature Doctor Strange, will be funnier and grander in scale than the first movie, and it has also been said the movie takes place almost immediately following The Avengers 4.

Spider-Man: Far from Home has a July 5, 2019 release directed by Jon Watts, said to feature Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio and Michael Keaton as Vulture.

Spider-Man: Far from Home


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