SnyderCon: Zack Snyder To Give James Gunn DC Blessing, Rebel Moon Universe Announcement

Snyder going full circle from his DC shared universe to his own universe where he has creative control.

SnyderCon: Zack Snyder To Give James Gunn DC Blessing, Rebel Moon Universe Announcement

At what is expected to be next month’s SnyderCon, it is claimed that the event will see Zack Snyder give James Gunn his blessing to take over the DC universe and that Snyder has big plans for Rebel Moon on Netflix.

Zack Snyder has been teasing something for the end of April, as Snyder tweeted teasers featuring Darkseid, the Henry Cavill Superman, and the Ben Affleck Batman.

It’s thought to be for SnyderCon which Zack Snyder held at his college back in 2019, and the recent teasers seem to suggest SnyderCon 2023 with screenings for Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and for the first time ever, an IMAX screening for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

YouTube Grace Radolph agrees with me that what Zack has been teasing is for a SnyderCon and offers details about what is going to happen at the event.

Update: Zack Snyder has confirmed the SnyderCon; check out the schedule and ticket info here.

Update #2: Zack discusses his Rebel Moon Universe here.

SnyderCon Ben Affleck Batman

Zack Snyder has big plans for SnyderCon

While some fans seem to be expecting DC news about Zack Snyder, Grace says that isn’t the case and that she heard from two separate sources that Zack Snyder has no new DC projects.

What Grace Randolph says is going to happen at SnyderCon in addition to the screenings is that Zack Snyder is going to give James Gunn his blessing with the new DCU, with it hoped it will help the Snyder fans move on and get off James Gunn’s back (she doubts that will happen, lol).

She says Warner Bros. is 100% behind Zack Snyder, as obviously, WB has to sign off on letting Zack screen his movies, as it’s a win for both in that Zack gives the new DC his blessing, and the SnyderCon also leads to Zack’s latest big project

So with Zack not involved with any new DC projects and giving Gunn his blessing, Grace also claims the SnyderCon will see Zack Snyder transition away from the DC universe to his own new universe at Netflix, Rebel Moon.

Zack Snyder has Rebel Moon coming out in December on Netflix which is Snyder’s big sci-fi movie and it’s been described as Snyder’s Star Wars.

So at SnyderCon, Zack Snyder is moving away from DC and will promote his Rebel Moon universe where he wants to create his own Rebel Moon shared universe.

Grace also adds that SnyderCon will also have panels (so maybe a few surprise appearances could be in store?).

Update: Zack’s Wonder Woman post also suggests he is starting his own universe as he says, “The journey of a hero is about leaving the unfamiliar and entering the unknown. It’s about encountering challenges and overcoming them. And it’s about returning to the world of the familiar, but now transformed by the experience.”

Zack Snyder Wonder Woman SnyderCon
Screenshot via Vero
SnyderCon Superman Henry Cavill

SnyderCon schedule:

While not officially announced, SnyderCon looks to take place April 28-30 at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with the screenings taking place:

  • Friday, April 28: Man of Steel screening at the Art Center College of Design (ACCD)
  • Saturday, April 29: Batman vs Superman screening at the Art Center College of Design (ACCD)
  • Sunday, April 30: Zack Snyder’s Justice League IMAX screening (there are two IMAX theaters close by the college)

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