Snyder Cut Artists Hate Steppenwolf


Yesterday saw Zack Snyder debut a look at his design for the villain of the movie, Steppenwolf, where it’s learned the VFX artists that worked on the design actually hate it.

VFX artist Henning Sanden who also worked on Batman vs. Superman and the design for Doomsday took to Twitter following Zack Snyder revealing the image of Steppenwolf to offer the following:

As somebody who worked on Doomsday for Batman V Superman, I can say with almost certainty that every artist who worked [on] this hated it.

Robbie Reid also chimed in on Twitter who looks to have worked on the theatrical version of Steppenwolf:

I worked on parts of the old Steppenwolf rig, he was actually one of the more enjoyable characters on the project as the model was, well…comprehendible. Costume still required a fair bit of cheating, but this new one looks like a nightmare by comparison

The artists are also joined by a lot of fans who don’t like the design of the Snyder Cut of Steppenwolf, which shouldn’t come off as all that surprising as Snyder’s Doomsday was really bad, so much so that following Batman vs. Superman, Snyder had to come out and state the “real version” of Doomsday is still out there. Zack actually touched upon that in yesterday’s live-stream when he revealed that Darkseid and Steppenwolf team up to fight Doomsday in his canon.

The design for this Steppenwolf is from concept artist Jerad S.Marantz who does do some really stellar work (check out his Instagram) where we see the final design for the Snyder Cut of Steppenwolf is based on his designs, obviously inspired by what Zack Snyder had him whip up. Check out the concept art below.

Regarding the look of Steppenwolf, Zack also revealed that the metal and the spikes are actually armor, which he described as “Space Knight” armor, and a fan on Twitter also claims Snyder said the armor is alive and that it can change shape and hold things like arrows after blocking them, and also that Steppenwolf’s armor can also flatten and is made up of space metal that can shapeshift into whatever Steppenwolf likes as a part of his body.

The Snyder Cut gets released on HBO Max in 2020.

Snyder Cut Steppenwolf:

Snyder Cut Steppenwolf first look

Steppenwlf concept art:


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Steppenwolf concept art