Shazam! Thursday Box Office Preview Has Strong Start


Last night saw Shazam! open with the Thursday night advance previews which was a strong start at the box office for the flick starring Zachary Levi as the titular superhero.

Shazam! brought in $5.9 million on Thursday, which is in addition to the $3.3 million from the recent Saturday screenings, so the movie is off to a $9.2 million start. Not too bad.

Currently, it is projected Shazam! will open anywhere around $40 million to $55 million or so. The Thursday numbers are also in line with Marvel’s Ant-Man which brought in $57.2 million for its opening weekend.

Shazam! has a relatively low budget, so the movie should do pretty well at the box office. I saw it late last night (there were only like five people in the theater), and I felt it was pretty good overall. It wasn’t a perfect movie, and it could be nitpicked apart, but it was definitely fun and entertaining. My review will be up later.

The movie also has a current 92% Rotten Tomatoes score, with 91% of the audience stating they liked it. Metacritic has its score at 72.

The new Pet Sematary also opened this weekend and brought in $2.3 million from Thursday previews. When I was in Shazam!, a dude had just seen it and said it’s pretty good. James Gunn’s Brightburn trailer also played before Pet Sematary which he said was awesome (speaking of trailers, five minutes of Godzilla also plays before Shazam! IMAX screenings).