Shazam! Post-Credit Scenes Explained


This weekend sees Shazam! open in theaters, which has not one, buy two post-credit scenes, so at the least you will want to watch the mid-credit teaser, which is the more important one.

Before we begin, the opening credits from the flick are also super cool as it is Justice League related!

Note: Spoilers follow!

shazam post credit scene

Shazam! mid-credit scene

The first Shazam! post-credit scene (or mid-credit) features Mark Strong’s Sivana locked up in jail or a nut house where he is writing those magical symbols on the walls in order to open the door to the gateway and get his powers back and reconnect with the Seven Sins. However, it’s not working and he is screaming and hitting the wall. “No! No! Ahh…” Then over what sounds like a loudspeaker, a laugh can be heard.

“Primitive symbols. You walking talking monkeys with your cave drawings,” the mysterious voice says. “You assume there is only one way to gain magic. No. No. No. There are more ways than the mind can imagine.” (Emphasis on mind!)

Sivana then gets up and looks at something on the ledge stating, “What in God’s name?”

“I named the gods, Doctor. Not the other way around. Oh, what fun we are going to have together. The seven realms are about to be ours,” the voice says as it emits an evil laugh.

The creature on the ledge happens to be none other than the mind-controlling Venusian worm, Mr. Mind! Actually, Mr. Mind makes a brief appearance earlier in the movie during a scene in the Wizard’s lair where what looks to be an inchworm can be seen. Mr. Mind, however, is NOT an inchworm! He’s actually the last of his kind from Venus and is bent on world domination! His powers include telepathy, the ability to spin and encase a human in strong silk, and most recently saw Mr. Mind graduate from his larva stage to become Hyperfly. He also communicates through a radio on his chest.

Mr Mind Shazam

Mr. Mind is also responsible for forming the very first super-villain team in comic books known as The Monster Society of Evil, which features various characters that relate to the movie including Sivana, Black Adam (teased in that one Wizard scene as being the previous champion), the Crocodile-Men (teased in that open doorway scene), Ramulus (also possibly teased in that doorway scene with the plant creature) and more.

I thought this was a really cool scene!

Shazam Mr Mind Monster Society of Evil

Shazam post-credit scene

While the mid-credit scene was really cool, this one came off as a disappointment for me. I actually think it was first released in a trailer or some sort of promo spot. It features Zachary Levi as Shazam trying to talk to fish. He is in the bedroom with Freddy where Shazam talks to a fish and pretends he can communicate with it. Shazam then laughs and says about the power, “What can we do with that, that’s cool?” Freddy, who is wearing an Aquaman shirt replies as he grabs the shirt, “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe command an army of billions in the ocean.” Shazam replies, “Oh, yeah… Well, that’s not that cool.”

shazam post credit scene

Also, while not a post-credit scene, the end scene of the movie happens to feature a sort-of Superman cameo. During the movie, Freddy and Billy get into an argument with each other as Billy didn’t show up as Shazam during lunch to prove to all the students that Freddy is friends with the superhero. The end scene features Freddy sitting down at a table during lunch, with the other students sitting there then getting up to leave him all alone. Freddy’s foster brothers and sisters then sit down, and he asks why are they there. Shazam then comes out and sits down to eat lunch with all of them. He says he brought a friend. It’s Superman! Not too fast as they don’t show Superman’s face. I was really, really disappointed in this and thought that if they couldn’t get Henry Cavill to do the cameo, to not have used that part of the scene. Obviously, it wasn’t Henry Cavill, but a stand-in actor. I suppose the general audience wouldn’t think twice, as they probably don’t follow all the news as close as us (Henry Cavill is rumored to be leaving the role). 

shazam post credit scene