Secret Invasion A Bust: Second Worst Marvel Ratings On Disney+

Fans aren't tuning in to watch Samuel L. Jackson.

Fans aren't tuning in to watch Samuel L. Jackson.

Secret Invasion A Bust: Second Worst Marvel Ratings On Disney+

Continuing the trend, Secret Invasion looks to be another huge bust as it is learned the premiere episode suffers the second-worst ratings for a Marvel show on Disney+.

Samba TV provided the following info where only 994k households tuned in during the first five days to watch.

“The long-awaited Secret Invasion is out! 994k US households tuned in to watch the first ep over its first five days, outpacing Ms. Marvel‘s premiere to 775k US households,” posted Samba TV on its social networks. “Black households over-indexed the most on the Fury-led debut.”

As noted, currently, the worst Marvel show on Disney+ happens to be Ms. Marvel with only 775K households tuning in. See the comparisons below for the Marvel shows.

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Fans tune out Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion also has low scores on Rotten Tomatoes with a critics score of 66% and an Audience Score of 75% and over at IMDb it’s rated a 7.2.

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Fans might be tuning out Secret Invasion due to Marvel hurting as of late with Phase 4 and Quantumania being such a disappointment and disaster, in addition to Secret Invasion being compared to the Star Wars Andor series.

Samuel L. Jackson’s racist jokes in the show and politically-oriented comments probably also aren’t helping.

The show is also basically a sequel to Captain Marvel, so that’s also not good, as The Marvels is set to debut in a couple of months. If anything, it also goes to show that fans don’t like the Captain Marvel movie, Brie Larson, etc.

Kevin Feige choosing to use AI over real artists for the title sequence is also causing lots of backlash, so maybe fans are boycotting the series.

That said, I actually liked the first episode of Secret Invasion a lot as it’s serious and not goofy but the zombie MCU fans have come to expect that and in addition to killing off a major character at the end of the episode, that may have turned fans off.

I also liked Andor a lot, so I’m hoping for more serious Marvel stuff along the lines of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Infinity War.

If anything, Secret Invasion billed as an “event series” and no one watching does show the Marvel brand is suffering. I think Marvel should focus on putting out fewer shows and instead concentrate on making a small number of shows the best quality.

New episodes of Secret Invasion air Wednesdays at 12am PST.

Disney Plus Marvel premiere 5-day ratings:

  • WandaVision: 1.6M
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 1.8M
  • Loki: 2.5M
  • Hawkeye: 1.5M
  • Moon Knight: 1.8M
  • Ms. Marvel: 775K
  • She-Hulk: 1.5 million (4-day)
  • Secret Invasion: 994k

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