Scott Derrickson Bailed On Doctor Strange 2 To Avoid ‘A Monstrosity’

The director explains his break up with Marvel.

The director explains his break up with Marvel.

Scott Derrickson Bailed On Doctor Strange 2 To Avoid 'A Monstrosity'

It’s learned that director Scott Derrickon left Doctor Strange 2 to avoid making a monstrosity, but at least he says he doesn’t have any bad feelings about Marvel.

The Playlist caught up with Derrickson who spoke about departing the sequel.

“All I can say is that what we said publicly is exactly the truth. We had real creative differences,” explained Derrickson.

Derrickson continued, “You know, the movie I wanted to make and how I wanted to make it was different than–it was just increasingly obvious that we were pulling against each other. And that’s how you make a really bad movie, I think.”

He added, “When the producer or the studio and the filmmaker are making different movies, you end up with a monstrosity and, you know, that’s why I had to bounce.”

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So what was his version going to be about?

Derrickson said his version of Doctor Strange 2 was going to be an “extreme departure from the first film” and would have been “a genuine horror film of sorts.” 

Insiders filled me in years ago at Comic-Con that Scott Derrickson had plans to use original Multiverse characters from the comics, so for example, the original Nick Fury from the Marvel comics would appear.

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No bad blood

The director reveals it’s all good as he is still friends with the people at Marvel and director Sam Raimi who replaced him (Raimi is now rumored for Avengers: Secret Wars).

“Yeah, I went to the premiere. I’m still friends with Kevin [Feige] and everything with me and Marvel is really cool,” he said. “They invited me to the premiere and I went. And I’m friends with Sam [Raimi]. I love Sam, so there’s no bad blood over that.”

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a big mess

True to Derrickson’s words, it’s known Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a big mess, so Derrickson made the correct call in departing the flick and not sacrificing his standards.

Elizabeth Olsen previously revealed there were so many scripts, she stopped reading them all.

“It resembled more than I thought it was going to. I mean, there were definitely moments where…there’s a point in making the movie where I just stopped reading drafts,” she said.

Olsen continued, “I was just like, ‘This is going to change again. Just keep me posted with the information I need and you guys fill in the blanks that you need. But I’ll just keep my lane.’ That one was a wild ride.”

It’s also been confirmed the script was rewritten because Benedict Cumberbatch and Strange are white dudes, and it has been said Scarlet Witch was never meant to be the villain, and we can guess Kevin Feige forced the use of America Chavez.

Derrickson went on to direct The Black Phone starring Ethan Hawke which is a big hit with a sequel possible and he directed an episode in the new “V/H/S/85” anthology.

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