Ryan Reynolds Wanted For The Flash Video Game


ryan reynolds flash video game Ryan Reynolds Wanted For The Flash Video Game

A video sufaced this week going over what looked to be a super cool Flash Wally West video game that was in development a while ago and eventually cancelled.

It's learned if the game would have been allowed to move forward, that it may have featured Ryan Reynolds voicing The Flash.

"The narrative developments were yet to be finalized and no voice actors had been ever cast, although the team did have an idea of who they wanted to play Wally West," DidUKnowGaming reports. "Actor Ryan Reynolds."

What's rather interesting is that this isn't the first time Ryan Reynolds had been attached to The Flash. Reynolds was actually all gung-ho about playing The Flash back in 2005, but by 2007 his interesting seemed to wane. I was told the meeting Ryan Reynolds had taken with Warner Bros. that saw Reynolds telling WB that he wanted to play The Flash saw WB responding by offering him Green Lantern — basically to take it or leave it — so Reynolds, who really wanted to play a suphero role, agreed to play Green Latern. We all know what happened with Green Lantern, but just think what could have been if Reynolds was allowed to play The Flash (which was obviously better suited to his talents).

Regarding why The Flash video game failed, it's said to be blamed on Brash Entertainment, which was headed by Thomas Tull of Legendary Entertaiment fame (producer on Nolan's Batman movies, Superman ReturnsMan of Steel, etc). It's said due to mismanagement and inexperience in the gaming field that Brash eventually went bankrupt leading to The Flash's video game being cancelled as well as the Superman video game. There was no more funding left for The Flash video game so the project was put on permanent hold.