‘Rings Of Power’ Has ‘She-Hulk’ Level Viewership Ratings

According to Samba TV, 'Rings of Power' was watched by the same amount of households as 'She-Hulk.'

According to Samba TV, 'Rings of Power' was watched by the same amount of households as 'She-Hulk.'

'Rings Of Power' Has 'She-Hulk' Level Viewership Ratings

Rings of Power is compared to Marvel’s She-Hulk series on Disney Plus and not in a good way.

According to Samba TV, as many households watched the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime Video as did watch She-Hulk on Disney Plus.

Samba TV, which claims to have 46 million addressable TV devices to measure data, reports that 1.8 million households watched the Rings of Power premiere in the first four days of release, which is the same as the She-Hulk premiere.

Worth a mention is that we again see that Samba TV is only reporting the four-day numbers – the same as it did for She-Hulk – while it previously reported five-day numbers for every other series but recently is reporting some four-day numbers and some five-day numbers depending on the project for some reason.

Rings of Powers ratings - Samba TV
‘Rings of Powers’ ratings – Samba TV

House of the Dragon obliterates Rings of Power

Rings of Power has also been compared to HBO’s House of the Dragon, where Samba TV reports a whopping 4.8 million households watched the House of the Dragon premiere in the first four days (see below).

I’m actually not sure if the numbers jibe as official numbers released by the studios offer House of the Dragon was watched by 10 million viewers on the first day, while Rings of Power was watched by 25 million viewers on its first day of release.

We can also add that Prime Video has around 200 million subscribers or more while HBO has something like around 50 million, which explains why Prime Video would have more than double the viewership on its first day.

However, if we do go by Samba TV’s numbers, it seems the numbers explain that people kept watching House of the Dragon on HBO for four days, but stopped watching Rings of Power on Prime Video following the first day of release, which I suppose could be true as the former is much better than the latter (and also means Rings of Power is not getting artificially review bombed).

Update: HBO’s House of the Dragon saw 10 million viewers on its first day in the U.S., while Rings of Power‘s 25 million is worldwide, which explains Samba TV’s numbers.

Checking Rotten Tomatoes reveals the House of the Dragon Audience Score is much higher at 85% compared to Rings of Power‘s 39% (from a low of 34%).

Likewise, on IMDB, House of the Dragon is at 8.8 while Rings is at 6.8 (from a low of 6.1).

That 1.8 million number for Rings of Power also means it got beat out by the likes of Loki, WandaVision, and Obi-Wan, tied with Moon Knight (though those are 5-day numbers), and of course, got beat out by Stranger Things 4.

An insider recently suggested if the Lord of the Rings series doesn’t succeed that it may spell the doom of Prime Video.

'House of the Dragon' ratings - Samba TV
‘House of the Dragon’ ratings – Samba TV

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