Richard Rider Nova Selling Over 200 Percent Better Than NINO


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Marvel Comics seems to be less in the money-making business than it is in the PC BS business these days.

Updating my previous article from a couple of weeks ago, the numbers for the relauch of NINO (Nova In Name Only) are in, and they’re even further down the gutter than last time.

Following February’s disastrous drop of over 5000, March sees another drop of 1300 to 16,886 units for NINO #5.

Looking back at the more popular and fan-favorite Abnett and Lanning Nova from 2007, Richard Rider sold a whopping 39,540 copies (234% better) with its own fifth issue — and that’s when Marvel could give a hoot about Marvel Cosmic.

Just imagine if Richard Rider had a smidgen of the promotion that Marvel Comics gave NINO, it’s possible Richard Rider Nova could be a consistent top seller.

However, guys like Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Dan Buckley, Tom Brevoort, Jeph Loeb, Brian Bendis and Stephen Wacker made sure that didn’t happen. It’s obviously a good thing they’re not involved with the movies.

We still don’t know why Richard Rider got the axe, or Abnett and Lanning for that matter.

You an offer your thoughts on the subject in our Marvel Cosmic forums.

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