Star Wars Rian Johnson Trilogy Still Happening Says Director

Rian Johnson Confirms Star Wars After Second Rumor Says Canceled

A couple of weeks ago I reported on how the Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy might have been canceled or at least put on hold.

A long time LucasFilm production designer let it be known that the current Star Wars movie he had been working on had been placed on the backburner.

The big clue came when the production designer mentioned “new galaxies,” which was very similar to the official description for the new Rian Johnson Trilogy.

Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson

Then recently saw YouTuber Miker Zeroh offer up thoughts similar to my own as well as echoing rumors from YouTube Grace Randolph that said Disney was sick of the fan backlash caused by The Last Jedi and not happy with the Han Solo box office, and that Rian Johnson’s movie is in trouble or could be canceled.

It was actually said that Disney CEO Bob Iger had a meeting with the heads of Marvel and Pixar in order to get their Star Wars franchise on the right path, and that Iger wants LucasFilm’s Kathleen Kennedy fired.

So with all the speculation that Disney might be cancelling Rian Johnson’s Trilogy, the director finally responded on Twitter.

“Yup,” Rian Johnson responded to a fan when questioned if he is still working on the new Star Wars trilogy.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Disney has yet to announce a release date for the Rian Johnson Trilogy or any new Star Wars movie following Episode IX.

It’s further been said Disney has placed all the Star Wars spinoffs on hiatus until they see how well Episode IX performs.

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi is considered a huge failure at the box office, as not only did it make considerably less than The Force Awakens, but the film is also blamed for toy sales plummeting. It was noted Star Wars: The Last Jedi featured no new memorable characters, and that a lot of fans weren’t happy with the new characters in The Last Jedi with reasons cited including the new characters weren’t needed or they took time away from the Force Awakens characters.

Worth a mention is that the production designer said he hopes the movie he had been working on comes back, so perhaps Johnson is still tweaking things.