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Review: Shadowman #5

Review: Shadowman #5

After saving the world and returning from the Deadside, Jack Boniface deserves a little time to relax and be himself again. Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t rest and neither will Jack!

Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher continue their quest to make one of the most exceptional books on the market! Shadowman is not only the culmination of two fantastic talents on one incredible story, it is the mingling of genres, horror and super hero, into a stunning read every month.

Jordan and Zircher take a step back from the all out action this month in order to delve deeper into the mythos of the Shadowman and the role that Jack must play as the new heir. For long time fans of the original series, it will be a delightful stroll down memory lane as glimpses of the past are merge with interesting new ideas converging into something truly original. For newer fans, this is the perfect issue to get acquainted with he rich history involved with Shadowman, a key issue into the future of the series. Old enemies take the spotlight while new, more violent characters make their own mark in the book. Valiant fans can also rejoice at the return of a character not seen in twenty years, albeit a wholly new version of it — Dr.Mirage!

As fascinating as Jordan and Zircher’s tale of discovery and loss is, the excitement level is turned up to eleven as some of the best artistic talent in comics bring their styles to the book! Lee Garbett, Stefano Guadiano and, my personal favorite, Roberto De La Torre descend upon this issue with their artistic fervor! Using their skills to differentiate the tale between the past, present and the story of Master Darque’s quest in Deadside, these superstars, along with Patrick Zircher, make this issue a masterpiece for the eyes! It is a delight for the senses, a rare treat that ascends the book to new levels! A fantastic tale laced with perfection!

Shadowman continues to excite, bewilder and intrigue readers with every issue, don’t you think you should become a fan too?!

Be bold, be daring, be — Valiant!